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literary fiction & community service prize: Dzanc Books

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    Dzanc Books announces the inaugural Dzanc Prize – a monetary award to a writer with both a work in progress, and an interest in performing some form of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2007
      Dzanc Books announces the inaugural Dzanc Prize – a monetary award to a
      writer with both a work in progress, and an interest in performing some form of
      literary community service.

      The award itself will be a total of $5,000 to be distributed in two payments
      over the course of a twelve month period. The purpose of this prize is to give
      monetary aid to a writer of literary promise, in order to provide a budgetary
      cushion for them, allowing the author to concentrate his/her efforts on the
      completion of their work in progress.

      Eligibility: Any author with a Work in Progress, and a project in mind that
      can be deemed Literary Community Service. The author must be working on
      literary fiction, and the community service must occur within the United States of

      Timing: The Inaugural Dzanc Prize will be issued for the 2008 calendar year.
      We will accept submissions from authors from now through November 1, 2007. The
      announcement of the winning author will be made during the month of December
      2007. The announcement will be made via email to the author, here on the
      website, as well as sent to trade journals (P&W, Publisher’s Weekly, etc.).

      Submissions: Authors please send your current cv, a description of your Work
      in Progress, along with a ten page excerpt, and your planned Literary
      Community Service. These should be sent as MS Word Attachments in an email to
      info(at)dzancbooks.org (replace (at) with @).

      Dzanc Books will be selecting the author who will receive this $5,000 Prize
      based on a combination of the Work in Progress, and the intended Literary
      Community Service. It would probably benefit authors who are submitting to become
      familiar with Dzanc Books and the types of authors we will be publishing, as
      well as the Educational Programs Dzanc Books sets up and runs.

      Some examples of Literary Community Service:

      - Running a series of writing workshops in a school
      - Volunteering to do a storytime session or series at your local library
      - Volunteering to work at a local book festival (if the festival is run as a

      The winner of the Dzanc Prize will receive a check for $2500 in the month of
      January 2008. The remaining $2500 will be paid once the Literary Community
      Service has been completed.

      Dzanc Books will make no claims towards the winner and their Work in
      Progress. If at the time the author has completed the work, they wish to submit it to
      Dzanc Books, we will be delighted to have a look. Their manuscript will go
      through the same reading process every other submission goes through.

      The submissions for the Dzanc Prize will be reviewed by, and the prize will
      be awarded by a panel of Steve Gillis, Dan Wickett and Keith Taylor. All
      writers, including friends and associates of the panel, are eligible for the prize.
      The integrity and objectivity of Dzanc Books will not be compromised and,
      given our vast connections to so many great writers, exclusion of any kind would
      be impossible.

      Any questions can be submitted to info(at)dzancbooks.org.
      (replace (at) with @)
      Website: http://www.dzancbooks.org/dzancprize.html

      See what's free at http://www.aol.com

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