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Halloween writing contest: Rustybumper.com

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  • aejos
    Rusty Bumper at rustybumperworld.com Presents A seasonal writing competition http://www.rustybumperworld.com/writing_contest.html In the spirit of Halloween
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2008
      Rusty Bumper
      at rustybumperworld.com

      A seasonal writing competition


      In the spirit of Halloween rustybumperworld.com is inaugurating a writing competition for
      entries in either poetry or prose form on or about Halloween.

      Share your best original poems or prose (fiction or non-fiction including creative non-
      fiction) on any
      theme or topic related to Halloween.

      Of course there are prizes:

      First place: $250 Second place: $100 Third place: $50
      runners-up published on the web sites

      Submit original unpublished poetry of 1 to 3 poems or prose of any form that does, 50
      pages written; on, about, or around a theme related to Halloween in either content or

      Deadline: all entries must be postmarked on or before Monday October 13th 2008 (we
      hope to announce and post the winning pieces before Halloween).

      Entry fee: $13.00 Make entry fee payable to Rusty Bumper in check or money order in U.S.
      funds. Do not send cash. For on-line payment through PayPal go to
      rustybumperworld.com. An entry is defined as one prose piece or 1 to 3 poems. A writer
      may enter more than once, and will pay an entry fee of $13.00 per entry.

      Contact and submission: submit the entry, cover page, entry fee, and SASE/postcard to:


      1. Format:
      a. Only typed entries double-spaced in standard 10- to 12-point font on one side of
      a page of standard paper 8 ½ x 11 inches in English will be judged.
      b. Do not enclose submissions in binders or covers.
      c. Include a cover sheet containing the title(s), author's name, address, phone
      number and email address. Author's name must not appear anywhere on the piece itself.
      2. Include with the submission a completed entry form (see below).
      3. Retain a copy of the submission for yourself, rustybumperworld.com will not return
      any submissions.
      4. Please enclose a SASE envelope or postcard with your submission so that
      Rusty Bumper will notify you to verify reception of your entry.
      5. Entry into the contest gives rustybumperworld.com the rights to publish your entry
      at any time.
      Rusty Bumperworld will not own any rights to any entries beyond publishing by
      rustybumperworld.com. All authors may publish entries without consent from
      Rusty Bumper, but the owner(s) of the piece(s) may not prohibit
      Rusty Bumper from future publishing.
      6. Results will be made available not before October 18th 2008, and no later than
      December 31st
      7. Winners' names and pieces will be posted at rustybumperworld.com for public
      8. Prizes will be awarded in the following amounts: first place $250.00 second place
      third place $50.00.
      9. Optional: because the writing is the writer (for appreciation purposes – this
      information will be
      regarded and added to winning pieces following final selection and decisions)
      a. Entrants may send an author biography – any length or format accepted
      b. Photo(s)
      c. Background on the entry and/or analysis of the entry



      for online entry form and Paypal Link for entry fee
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