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call for submissions: Black Magnolias Literary Journal

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    Black Magnolias Literary Journal Psychedelic Literature announces the re-launching of its journal, Black Magnolias Literary Journal.  Black Magnolias is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2008
      Black Magnolias Literary Journal

      Psychedelic Literature announces the re-launching of its journal, Black Magnolias Literary Journal.  Black Magnolias is a quarterly journal that was initially published for two years from 2001 and 2003. 

       Copies of past issues can be found at http://www.psychedelicliterature.com/blackmagnolias.html.%c2%a0%c2%a0The journal will continue to examine and celebrate the art and aesthetic accomplishments of African Americans with an emphasis on Afro-Mississippians and Afro-Southerners.  Past contributors include Dr. Jerry Ward, Dr. Reginald Martin, Ahmos Zu-Bolton, Kalamu ya Salaam, Dr. Julius Thompson, Sterling Plump, Charlie Braxton, David Brian Williams, Jolivette Anderson, Kenneth Earl Stiggers, Sheree Renee Thomas, Dr. Howard Rambsy, Lenard D. Moore, Ronda Penrice, Marcus Uganda White, Waurene Roberson, Carlton Turner, and many others.  We are seeking an equal amount of essays, poetry, and fiction. We welcome pieces on a variety of African American and Afro-Southern culture, including history, politics, education, incidents/events, social life, and literature. We also accept essays/critical analyses on literary works by white authors that have some significance or relevance to African American culture. For example, we encourage essays about the works of William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Eudora Welty and other white writers whose work discuss specific issues relating to the Afro-Mississippi community.  We would welcome an essay on John Grisham’s treatment of black local and20national leadership in A Time to Kill.  We welcome an essay about the issue of “Otherness” in Tennessee Williams’ work and the manner in which “White Otherness Relates to African American Otherness.”  We welcome an essay about Eudora Welty’s treatment of Afro-Mississippians in her work.  We welcome essays that seek to discuss any differences between the aesthetics and theories of white Mississippi writers and black Mississippi writers.  We want 3500-6500 word essays/critical analyses that examine both the literary and socio-political issues of literary works.  This journal has been started so that Afro-Mississippians will have more opportunities to be published as well as to highlight Afro-Mississippi culture and the contribution of Afro-Mississippians to the world.  But, we also want pieces from writers living outside Mississippi commenting on the African American experience.  Along with literary submissions, we will be accepting pencil art drawings for the covers of the journal. We are asking all artists who have created depictions or interpretations of African American or Afro-Mississippi life to submit their drawings.  The only requirement is that the artist must place the image of a magnolia within the drawing.  Be creative and surprise us.  Check the front covers of the previous issues to better understand what we desire.


              Deadlines for the quarterly are: September 30 for the winter
      issue, December 30 for the spring issue, March 30 for the summer issue, and June 30 for the fall issue.  We want submissions from professional writers, hobby writers, university professors, students, and anyone who loves to read and write. All submissions are to be made by e-mail as an e-mail attachment in word.  All inquires are to be sent by e-mail also.  All submissions are to be made by e-mail as a word attachment to <psychedeliclit(at)bellsouth.net> (replace (at) with @).

      Payment to all published authors is one copy of the journal. Copyright of all work will remain with authors, and authors will sign a form giving Psychedelic Literature the right to publish one’s work in the particular issue for submission.  When submitting, please include a 50 word bio.  Each issue costs $12.00, and a year’s subscription is $40.00.  Payment for a year's subscription should be sent by check or money order to Psychedelic Literature, 203 Lynn Lane, Clinton, MS 39056.  Single issues can be purchased through the above website link.

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