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short story contest for women writers: Jane's Stories Press

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    Jane’s Stories Press F O U N D A T I O N 5500 N 50 W, Fremont, Indiana, 46737 www.janesstories.org 800.603.6065 Jane s Stories Press Foundation is pleased to
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      Jane’s Stories Press

      F O U N D A T I O N

      5500 N 50 W, Fremont, Indiana, 46737



      Jane's Stories Press Foundation is pleased to announce:

      “Bridges and Borders”

      2008 Short Story Award

      Cheryl Klein, whose first book, The Commuters, won City Works Press’ Ben Reitman Award, will judge the contest. A story from this collection, "Sewing Machines," won the Jane's Stories Press Short Story Award in 2003. Manic D Press will publish Cheryl’s new novel, Calla Boulevard, in 2009. She directs the California office of Poets & Writers, Inc., and previously co-edited the online queer fiction magazine Blithe House Quarterly. She is an alumna of UCLA and CalArts, and lives in Los Angeles. She blogs about art, life and carbohydrates at breadandbread.blogspot.com


      The 2008 Short Story Award from Jane's Stories Press Foundation will be awarded to the best original and previously unpublished short story written by a woman and submitted by December 1, 2008. The contest results will be announced in February, 2009. A First Prize of $200 will be awarded, and the winning entry will be published on the Jane’s Stories Press Foundation web site.

      1. Short stories should be no more than 6,000 words, double spaced, one inch margin and 12 pt font. 

      2. Entries should speak to the Foundation's special interests in work by and about women as well as the 2008 theme,
      “Bridges and Borders.” 

      3. An entry fee of $10 for each short story must accompany each submission, up to a limit of 2 short stories ($20) per person. Enclose an SASE or current email address for notification and a list of the winners. 

      4. All entries will be recycled rather than returned. 

      5. The entry/entries submitted must be unpublished. 

      6. IMPORTANT: Enclose a separate cover sheet including your name, address, phone number, email, and story title(s). DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE SHORT STORY ITSELF.

      7. The title of the short story should appear on each page, along with a page number. 

      8. Entries without a current email address or SASE will not be considered. 

      9. Entries that arrive after December 1, 2008 will be discarded. 

      10. Send all entries to: Jane's Stories Press Foundation, 5500 N 50 W, Fremont, IN, 46737.

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