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multigenre writing contest: Union Country Writers Club

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    Rules for Union County Writers Club Annual Adult Literary Contest. http://www.unioncountywritersclub.org/contest.html Each year the deadline for our contest
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2007
      Rules for Union County Writers' Club Annual Adult Literary Contest.

      Each year the deadline for our contest is October 31st.

      Categories for 2007 include: short story, flash fiction, poetry, and
      childrens' story.
      Rules for the Union County Writers' Club Annual Contest are as Follows:

           1.     Entrants must be at least eighteen years old and U.S. residents.

           2.     Entry fees are: $3 per poem, or 2 for $5; $5 per short story or
      childrens' story; $4 per each flash fiction story.

           3.     Each entry must be an original work that is previously
      unpublished in a paid publication.

           4.     Poetry may be any form, on any subject, but not longer than 40

           5.     Short stories are 1000 - 5000 words.

           6.     Childrens' stories are for children in the age range of
      pre-school through junior high and are limited to 3000 words.

           7.     Flash fiction is limited to 500 words maximum.

           8.     Material of explicit sexual nature is discouraged.

           9.     Entries that have won or placed second or third in either of the
      previous 2 years are not eligible for entry.


      Short Stories and Childrens' Stories: First Place $30, Second Place $25,
      Third Place $10.
      Poetry and Flash Fiction: First Place $25, Second Place $15, Third Place $10.
      Honorable Mentions will receive a certificate.


           1.     Entries must be typed and submitted on standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch
      paper. Poetry single spaced, short stories double spaced.
           2.     Two copies of each entry must be submitted without author's name,
      address, or any other identifying information on the entry.
           3.     A cover letter must accompany the entry giving the author's name,
      address, phone number, and the title of the submitted story or poem.
           4.     Multiple entries are accepted and may be listed on the same cover
           5.     Checks must be made out to: Union County Writers' Club and mailed
      with entries to P.O. Box 496, Monroe, NC 28111
           6.     Authors should retain copies of their submissions. They will not
      be returned.
           7.     Please indicate on the envelope or cover letter which category is
      being entered for each submission.

      Judges are selected from among writing teachers, college staff members, or
      members of professional writing organizations. They do not live or work in Union
      County. Contest winners will be notified by mail of the time and place for
      the Awards Ceremony. Contest winners will be invited to read their winning
      entries at the Awards.

      For answers to additional questions: 704-644-0072

      See what's free at http://www.aol.com

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