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women's body image anthology seeks submissions

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    Women s Body Image Anthology SeeksSubmissions Phat Girls in Search of a Pretty World: Hot Lil’ Fat Chicks Speakin’ Out! Phat Girls will explore plus size
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      Women's Body Image Anthology SeeksSubmissions

      Phat Girls in Search of a Pretty World: Hot Lil’ Fat Chicks Speakin’ Out!

      Phat Girls will explore plus size women’s private and public journeys with weight. In this original collection, we will express our diverse experiences and memories of how our weight and self/body image have shaped us as women—from childhood to adulthood.

      Phat Girls will illuminate the successes achieved and the challenges met by women negotiating a desire for self-love and acceptance of our selves/bodies within an often “thin obsessed” and “thin accessible” society.

      We all have diverse paths and histories, cultures, relationships and ambitions, but one thing most of us do in the morning is look at ourselves in the mirror! Phat Girls is interested in your story—what YOU see, think, hear or imagine when YOU look at your fabulous you. Who do you see looking back and what message(s) does she give you about how to live your life? Who to live your life with or for?

      What message(s) does your self-image give you on how to navigate through your community as a female, student, professional, an occupant of public spaces for instance on the public transit, at a restaurant, a social or at a movie theatre? The spaces and roles we occupy in our lives are endless! What messages do we get from society (or from those negative nagging voices in our own minds) about how
      we should look and about how to achieve ‘real’ success? How do all of these factor into our perceptions of our bodies?

      Every “fat girl” has her own story. There is no one story that rings true for all of us and this is exactly what Phat Girls will capture. It’s a platform for you to tell your story, to share your ups and downs in the hopes that maybe your words might inspire another woman to share her own. Through sharing there is healing and more so empowerment! Phat Girls contributors will reflect the stories of women from different race, class, ability, sexual identity, religious, geographical and education backgrounds.

      Your submission to this anthology can take several forms:

      Short stories (non-fiction) or “fiction” based on your life stories with fictionalized characters

      Monologues (one-person plays)

      Reflective Essays (academic and non-academic)

      Response Papers (for example, your reaction to a particular ad, conversation, experience with weight discrimination or topic i.e. Fat Suits in Hollywood; Beauty Pageants or “Makeover” TV Shows etc.)

      Memory Work (for example, writing a story about the first time you ever thought you were fat; writing a story about a particular body part and what it has meant to you over the years)

      Comic Strips

      Visual Arts (photographs of paintings, collage art (visual or words) etc.)

      Photo essays

      Poetry/Spoken Word

      Other (Phat Girls is open to receiving your creativesubmissions that are combinations of the above)

      DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: September 1, 2008.

      Please send by mail only. Late submissions will NOT be considered.

      MAIL TO: 

      Phat Girls Anthology

      C/o Jill Andrew

      2620 Eglinton Ave East

      PO Box 42503

      Toronto, ON Canada

      M1K 2S0

      Contributors 18 years and over are welcome. Submission maximums should be no more than 3,000 words (12 page max.), DOUBLE-SPACED, single-sided, 12 point font. Include a contributor’s bio of 100 words or less. Please remember to save an electronic copy of your submission should it be selected.

      Mailed submissions will not be returned unless there is a self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed with your submission. Please ensure you weigh your package beforehand at the post office to ensure you’ve got sufficient return postage.

      All visual contributions (pictures, photo essays etc.) must be sent on a disc (high resolution Jpegs only) along with hard copies of each of the visuals. Please include an SASE with adequate postage, otherwise we cannot return this material to you.

      Poetry/spoken word contributions please send a maximum of 6 completed prose.

      Individual contributors are welcomed to submit multiplesubmissions but do note that in the hopes of having as many diverse voices as possible, likely on 1 submission per chosen contributor will make the final project.

      All submissions will be read thorou
      ghly. If selected for the Phat Girls anthology, there may be additional editing required. At that point, the *author(s) of the submission will be contacted directly for input. *Multiple authors per submission are permitted but the same word count still applies.

      Here are a wealth of general topics and questions to help you start brainstorming your submission(s):


      Body Image, Size Acceptance and Friendships

      Body Image and Intimate Relationships (dating, intimacy with the lights on or…off?)

      Weight Discrimination, Body Image or Acceptance in the Health Care System

      Perceptions of Health or Illness and Weight

      Surviving Illness through our Bodies

      Weight Discrimination in Employment

      Weight, Body Image and Fashion, Entertainment, Media & Pop Culture (Music, Music Videos, Magazines, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, Advertising etc.)

      Fat Representation in the media (film, TV, print etc.)

      Size and Consumerism

      Cosmetic Surgery, Body Modification and “Beauty”

      Beauty and Ageing

      Body Image and Race, Body Image and Ability, Disability, Body Image and Sexuality (sexual identity, sexual orientation etc.)

      Size & Gender, Gender Roles; Size, Weight and “Performing” Gender through our Fat Bodies

      Body Image, Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Construction of the ‘Feminine’ and the ‘Masculine’ “Ideal”

      Multi-racial views on Body Image
      , Beauty and the Desire for (or rejection of) a ‘Western’ “Mainstream” standard of beauty

      Body Image, Fat Phobia and Acceptance in the Everyday World

      Fat bodies, Tight Spaces

      Fat Activism (performance groups, advertisement campaigns, community activism, zines etc.)

      Body Image & the Arts (visual arts, exhibitions, photography, literary work etc.)

      “What I absolutely LOVE about my body…”

      Memories of Body Image or Fat Issues in the Home and How These Have Informed Your Sense of Self Today (meal times, family traditions, experiences with childhood abuse or neglect, sibling rivalries etc.)

      Body Image & Poverty

      Globalization & The Female Body

      Psychic & Physical Trauma(s) (i.e. emotional, physical, sexual abuse etc.) and Eating Problems

      Fat Bodies and Violence Against Women

      Body Image, Fatness and Weight Issues in Public Spaces (i.e. experiences in theatres, public transit, restaurants, malls, fitting rooms etc.)

      What’s in a Name? Body Image? Body Consciousness? Eating Disorders or Eating Problems? What’s relevant to you?

      Weight and Accessibility

      Body Image, Fat Acceptance and Education (size discrimination in schools, assumptions made about you because of size/weight etc.)

      Weight preoccupation and Food

      Smokes, Alcohol, Drugs and Our Waistlines

      Eating Problems (under eating, overeating, control/loss of control etc.)0A

      Feeling “outside of” or void of a/your body

      Weight & Fitness

      Body Image & Sports

      Fat & Feminism

      Fat is Beautiful


      A Historical Look at Fat when Fat was “in”

      Being Fat Across Borders: What are the beauty ideals around the globe?

      Other topics related to your experience(s) as a “phat girl” speakin’ out!


      How or has your weight (or your perception of your weight) altered moments in your life that otherwise should have been pure joy and satisfaction (i.e. dreading taking pictures, saying no to outings because you didn’t know what to wear etc.)

      How do you resist the “beauty myth” on a daily basis? Or do you?

      How do friends, family or intimate partners ‘react’ to your fat body?

      How do we as ‘fat’ women construct our sense of self and of community? How are we inspired to love ourselves despite the fact that the world is so thin obsessed? Share your secrets!

      What is…a “good” body?

      Have you ever had an experience with fat on fat discrimination?

      What does being a “fat girl” mean to you? What does the term “fat” mean to you? When did you first realize that you were fat? When did you first realize what “beauty” was?

      Have you ever found yourself
      playing into ‘fat stereotypes’ in order to ‘survive’ or to ‘save face’?

      What part of your body do you absolutely love and why?

      Which parts do you absolutely detest and why?

      What don’t you see when you look in the mirror?

      How or has your sexuality (or sexual identity) been influenced by your fat body?

      How has your body influenced (negatively and/or positively) your career, career choices (or lack thereof), access to opportunities etc.

      Are you a sexy woman? What makes you a sexy woman? And if not, should you want to be, how might you get there?

      About the editor:

      Jill Andrew CYW, BA (Hons.), BEd, MA (Sept ’08) is an award-winning national columnist with the Metro Toronto Daily Newspaper and still enjoys livening things up as a teacher, women’s/youth advocate, performer, entrepreneur, events host and public speaker throughout the city. Jill is the founder and producer of Curvy Catwalk— Canada ’s first and only annual “plus size” fashion fundraiser increasing body image/eating problems awareness and funds for Sheena’s Place & NEDIC (National Eating Disorder Information Centre). 

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