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multigenre contest: White County Creative Writers

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  • crwropps@aol.com
    White County Creative Writers once again presents thirteen contests in conjunction with our annual writers conference.  We extend a heartfelt thank you to
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 1, 2008
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      White County Creative Writers once again presents thirteen contests in conjunction with our annual writers' conference.  We extend a heartfelt "thank you" to all the sponsors that make these contests possible.  Please give them your support.

      For additional help with formatting or other issues, see our page on formatting and other tips!


      1. WCCW Award - Short Story, Mystery.  3000 Words Maximum -  Sponsored by White County Creative Writers .

      2.  RobertsFamilyArk - Short story, friends and enemies.  Story must contain friends who have become enemies, or enemies who have become friends.  2000 Words Maximum.  Sponsored by the Roberts Family

      3. Second Childhood Award - Rhymed Poetry - Subject: "Being Twelve"  50 lines maximum Sponsor: Glassworks Ink (link)

      4.  Tell me A Story   Short Story - pretend you are a road, a car, or a house, and write a story from its point of view.  1500 words maximum Sponsor:  Jean Gipson

      5.  Tumbleweed Award  Western Novel - Three chapters, synopsis, and query letter  Sponsor: Dusty Richards

      6.  Family Matters Award - Essay on a person in your family of significance to you.  2000 words maximum  Sponsor: Debra Middleton 

      7.  LovePat Press Award  Blank Verse ( iambic pentameter, unrhymed)  Subject: any astronomical event, past or present

      Awards will include $5.00 each for HM/s

      Sponsor: Pat Laster

      8.  Central Arkansas Writers Award   Short Story, suitable for publication in a magazine for women  1500 words maximum  Sponsor: Central Arkansas Writers

      9. Searcy Living Award - Essay: "How I can make my community a better place to live."  600 words maximum  Sponsor:  Searcy Living Magazine

      10.  The Red, White, and Blue Award - Review of a favorite or recently read book  1000 words maximum  Sponsor: Dorothy Hatfield

      11.  Bob Jones and Faye Williams Jones Poetry Award  Free Verse, any subject  40 lines maximum  Sponsor: Bob Jones and Faye Williams Jones

      12.  Ellen Withers Award  Short Story - Anything Goes! ( any subject)  3000 words maximum Sponsor: Ellen Withers

      13.  Hemingway-Pfeiffer Award   Fictional Essay - "Dinner with Ernest"  1500 words maximum  Sponsor: Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum, Piggott, Arkansas (link)

      2008 Contest Regulations


      Noncompliance with any regulation will result in a disqualified entry

      1.  Registration to attend conference does not include contest fees.  Contest fees of $5 for first entry and $3 for each entry thereafter must be mailed on or before July 25, 2008.  Total your entry fees and make one check payable to White County Creative Writers.  No fees returned.

      2.  Deadline for postmarking contest entries is July 25, 2008.  WCCW is not responsible for manuscripts lost, delayed, or received too late for judging.  Do not send SASE: No entries will be returned.  Entries will be destroyed two weeks after conference.

      3.  Only one typed, unpublished manuscript may be entered in each contrest.  Double-space prose; double- or single- space poetry. Use standard manuscript form ( click here)

      4.  No entry may be entered in more than one contest.  No one may enter the contest for which he or she serves as sponsor, chairman, or judge. An entry that won first place last year may not be entered in the same contest if this year's contest is identical to last year's. 

      5.  Put CONTEST NUMBER and NAME OF AWARD in upper left corner of each manuscript(entry).  Do NOT put your name on the manuscript.  Attach a cover sheet to each manuscript with  - a) number and name of contest, b) title of entry, c) first line of entry, d) your name, mailing address, and phone number.  Include your e-mail address if you wish.

      6.  Mail all contest entries and contest fees to:



      SEARCY, AR 72143

      7.  Prizes:  1ST PLACE - $25.00, 2ND PLACE - $15.00, 3RD PLACE - $10.00.  Certificates, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Honorable Mention.  Number of Awards for each contest will be determined by judges.




      Winners not attending will be notified by mail the week after the conference.


      for questions about contests or regulations, call (501) 268-1295 or e-mail plugginalong(at)hotmail.com (replace (at) with @)

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    • crwropps@aol.com
      White County Creative Writers offers sixteen contests in conjunction with our 16th Annual Writers Conference. You do NOT have to attend the conference to
      Message 2 of 4 , Jun 29, 2011
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        White County Creative Writers offers sixteen contests in conjunction
        with our 16th Annual Writers' Conference. You do NOT have to attend
        the conference to enter. Postmark deadline for entries is July 25,

        Extensive contest guidelines and entry details can be found at

      • aejos
        http://whitecountycreativewriters.org/id101.html White County Creative Writers 20th Annual Writers Conference features 15 contests sponsored by both members
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          White County Creative Writers' 20th Annual Writers' Conference  features 15 contests sponsored by both members and supporters..  We appreciate those who encourage our craft, and gratefully acknowledge their contributions.
          CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE IS NOT NECESSARY TO ENTER. Contest awards will be presented during the luncheon at the conference.  Winners not attending will receive their awards by mail after the conference date.

          READ contest guidelines and entry categories at
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