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1Encouraging Everyone to Switch to CRWROPPS-B

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  • crwropps@aol.com
    May 16, 2007
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      Dear Subscribers:
      Thanks so much for making CRWROPPS the success that it is. Many of you have
      written me over the years to say that a posting helped you publish work or
      receive other kinds of support. I have been happy and proud to hear of your
      accomplishments. I appreciate your kind notes.

      But lately, Topica.com has proven to be even less reliable than it usually
      is. Fewer than half of the messages I've been trying to post have made it onto
      the list. Some glitch has caused the messages to be rejected, so they haven't
      been showing up in the archives either. This appears to be a systemwide
      problem, with moderators of other lists complaining of the same problem.

      Because of this I'm encouraging everyone possible to switch to CRWROPPS-B,
      the alternate list hosted on Yahoogroups! The Topica.com version will continue
      to exist, but I'm frustrated knowing it's incomplete. To make sure you
      receive all the messages I'm posting, join CRWROPPS-B:

      Here are the instructions for joining CRWROPPS-B:

      To join, send a blank e-mail message
      or go to
      and click on "Join This Group."

      Once you've joined CRWROPPS-B, I can switch you to digest if that is your
      preference. Let me know if you are switching that your e-mail address should be
      removed from the Topica.com list.

      Thanks for your patience,
      Allison Joseph, Moderator
      Creative Writing Oppportunities List


      See what's free at http://www.aol.com

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