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Re: Early Nano Factories

Sorry for the delayed response... There are several different dimensions of what can be built. One is the materials used. One is the complexity of the product.
Chris Phoenix
May 18, 2010

Early Nano Factories

The first nanofactories and industrial assembler systems will likely be special purpose units that require special inputs of chemical fuel and prefahricated
Erin Casson
Apr 20, 2010

Re: Nanotech, Replicator Society and Money

Eric: You raise some interesting sociological questions which would take a short book to answer. Legions of philosophers along with the founders of the US
Jan 31, 2010

Nanotech, Replicator Society and Money

An interesting thread of discussion that has been dealt with on other forums over years has to do with the use of currency in a nanotech-enabled world. If we
Erin Casson
Jan 30, 2010

Nanotech and Domed Cities

I'm an advocate for covering cities with domes made from tough, light, transparent materials, in order to have year-round comfortable controlled temperatures
Erin Casson
Jan 30, 2010

Buckytube Diamondoid Tents and the "Universal" Constructor

The INCA system, Inter-Nodal-Connector-Architecture, essentially allows the fabrication of spherical, dome shaped and other geometric structures, from the
Erin Casson
Jan 27, 2010

Re: Answering Nanotech Skeptics

Depends what you want to assemble. For large-scale manufactured engineered products, I suspect that "dry" materials will be easier to build high-performance
Chris Phoenix
Jan 26, 2010

Synthetic Biology and MNT

I've been following the work of Craig Venter and others for some time now, those developing synthetic DNA, synthetic cells, and reengineering bacteria and
Erin Casson
Jan 26, 2010

Re: Answering Nanotech Skeptics

Thank you, Chris, that is a very good method. In regards to bootstrapping, if you were to label one as "easier" and one as more difficult, would you say
Erin Casson
Jan 26, 2010

Re: Answering Nanotech Skeptics

Sounds like you're already bringing up good pieces of evidence. Some people simply don't want to believe that a new thing is possible. I think it's more a
Chris Phoenix
Jan 26, 2010

Answering Nanotech Skeptics

What surprises me is that even today there are still those who deny that mechanosynthesis is possible, even though there are abundant proofs of this from
Erin Casson
Jan 13, 2010

Re: Nanotech, Cutlery, Armor.

This is a very good point, Chris, thank you. In general I do try to stay as conservative as possible on these matters, sticking to what is known, such as the
Erin Casson
Dec 17, 2009

Re: Nanotech, Cutlery, Armor.

Erin... I'm not aware of any work on using electrical fields this way. A lot of science fiction uses common-sounding science terms, like "electrical field,"
Chris Phoenix
Dec 17, 2009

Nanotech, Cutlery, Armor.

Here is another possibility. In Larry Niven's science fiction books there is an ancient alien race that made what he calls a "Variable Sword". This is a
Erin Casson
Dec 17, 2009

Re: Knives and Nanotechnology

Very interesting points, Chris, thank you. Regarding surfaces and cleaning/corrosion resistance, I wonder if this would work for early nanotech: We already
Erin Casson
Dec 16, 2009
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