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Good News - City FY06-07 budget passes!

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  • Laura McKieran
    Today City Council passed the proposed FY07 budget, which includes an increase of over $800,000 for Animal Care Services, bringing the departmental budget to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2006
      Today City Council passed the proposed FY07 budget, which includes an increase of over $800,000 for Animal Care Services, bringing the departmental budget to just over $6 million.  Staffing grows from 86 FTE (full-time equivalents) to 102 FTE - almost 20%! -most of which are line staff working directly with the animals.
      The increase includes increased funding for:
      - free and low-cost spay/neuter,
      - additional kennel attendants and conversion of the problematic temporary positions to permanent positions - meaning we don't immediately lose staff who've just been trained,
      - conversion of the remaining open-air trucks to enclosed trucks with A/C, and
      - universal vaccination against infectious disease of all animals entering ACS who are not to go straight to euthanasia for humane medical reasons like fatal injuries.
      Perhaps just as important, this is the first budget that officially breaks ACS out as its own cost center.  In prior budget years we've never had anything resembling an easy time figuring out the ACS budget, or where ACS fees went, or anything else financial - everything was guesswork because the income and expenses were spread over many departmental budgets.  That changes with this budget year, which begins October 1.
      Aaaaaaand last but not least, the budget explicitly supports Year One priorities in the Strategic Plan.  We can't express how important this is.  Matching resources not only to need but to community goals is so vital to getting us to no-kill.  City funds will never be sufficient to take care of all needs, but the Strategic Plan provides for getting matching funds from those who either want to help or who should contribute to the cost of animal overpopulation.
      To see 47MB of budget detail, go to http://www.sanantonio.gov/budget/pdf/fy2007/fy2007propdoc.pdf . 
      While you're waiting for it to download, send a note or call your Councilmember to thank 'em for passing this.
      ACS information is on the following pages of that document:
      I'll try to get these pages extracted and uploaded to the files section ASAP.  Many thanks to all who wrote, called, or showed up in person to support the budget.
      CPR Steering Committee

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