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  • Laura McKieran
    ... From: Craig Brestrup [mailto:camino1@gvtc.com] Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 2:55 PM To: Craig Brestrup Subject: Yahoo group Good news on the adoption front.
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      From: Craig Brestrup [mailto:camino1@...]
      Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 2:55 PM
      To: Craig Brestrup
      Subject: Yahoo group

      Good news on the adoption front. Since the back-to-back series on KABB
      and KSAT the numbers have risen and remained higher than usual. This
      past Saturday we adopted 20 animals. I expect that its happening during
      our third limitation on shelter admissions also helped. There definitely
      are people out there who respond to the recognition that San Antonio has
      too many animals, too many are dying, and that bringing one or two into
      their homes is a help.

      We're going to be at 3 separate National Night Out events on Tuesday
      including the Witte's.

      Donna has corresponded with most of the rescue groups who have taken
      animals out and we're seeing less illness than previously. Sandee
      Bowman's cats have stayed healthy for the most part, probably due to the
      great care she and her crew give them. And we hear similar stories from
      HS/SPCA and ADL.

      More fosters are coming forward, which is wonderful news. Foster,
      rescue, transfer, adoption--the more animals going out this way, the
      fewer go out the lamentable way. Good for the animals, and good for our

      There should be some news soon about results of the interviews for a
      permanent ACS Director. We are as anxious as you to see the right person
      move into this position and are optimistic that it will be someone
      everyone can get behind and keep the momentum going. In combination with
      completion of the Strategic Plan by late August, the parts are falling
      in place to complete reformation of ACS and for turning our attention
      where it has to be--on the community from which all these animals come.

      Stinson's column in yesterday's paper was, of course, nonsense. I doubt
      even he took the proposal seriously and that it simply reflected his
      animosity toward animal protectionists. (Solving San Antonio's animal
      overpopulation problems his way would be the equivalent of expecting
      buckets that catch the drips from a leaky roof to somehow repair the
      roof.) But the unintended implication of the column is quite true--it
      will take everyone who cares working industriously together for the
      coming years to alleviate the suffering and save thousands of lives.

      The new Lost and Found website will, I expect, be operating this week.
      We will have pictures taken of all dogs going into kennels as they are
      admitted and volunteers will be putting these along with identifying
      information on the site daily. Next step is to include cats. Many thanks
      to Jay Pennington for his work and patience with this process. Working
      with large bureaucracies can be a trying affair, and we appreciate his

      As soon as I get the year to date statistics through July I will share
      these with you. I am interested to see what the numbers say. It seems
      clear that many animals are being placed out of ACS, but we remain
      always full at the same time.

      Craig & Donna
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