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Need volunteers: maintain Texas.bestfriends.org

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  • Laura McKieran
    Hi all - Please see the message below from Kathi McDermott of Best Friends/No More Homeless Pets about maintaining the content for a Texas-specific area on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2006
      Hi all -
      Please see the message below from Kathi McDermott of Best Friends/No More Homeless Pets about maintaining the content for a Texas-specific area on the Best Friends website.  Kathi and I and probably a few other folks could be available to help with any technical issues, but we need a few people who're willing to collect news and so forth from communities working on animal control reform across the state.  We really need to hustle to get organized before the next regular legislative session, and I think we'd all benefit from sharing do's and don'ts on an ongoing basis.
      okay, I'll start:  DON'T commit to doing something you know you don't have time to do just because you think it's the coolest idea ever.  So that means I'm not going to take this on. :) 
      Check out the pages at http://network.bestfriends.org/Communities/  to get a feel for what would be possible.  I think both a San Antonio and a Texas site would be great to have, but right now I think SA has a good enough web communications infrastructure that a Texas site represents the greatest need.
      I'd love to see a team of three to five volunteers, with one person generally in charge, to make this happen.  Please forward this message if you think of others outside SA and CPR's electronic reach who might be willing to participate - if the team is composed of people from all over the state, I think the site would be that much stronger.
      Okay, I'll shut up now and press send and wait for people to come through, because y'all always do. :)  You can contact me or Kathi at kathim@... .
      thanks as always -
      Laura McK

      Kathi McDermott <kathim@...> wrote:
      From: "Kathi McDermott" <kathim@...>
      Subject: RE: Organizing animal control reform in Texas
      Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 11:39:09 -0600

      I would love to see a San Antonio community established on the Best Friends Network.  I’ve discussed it somewhat with Dr. Brestrup, and he indicated he liked what he saw on our Network.  What we would need to make it happen is someone in San Antonio who could volunteer to “edit” the site.  This just means that articles and stories should be posted at least a couple of times a week about what is going on in San Antonio….or what is going on in the rest of the state or around the country that might affect the animals of San Antonio.
      For an idea of what it might look like, go to http://losangeles.bestfriends.org.  The site would have forums, blogs, calendars, and resources specific to the San Antonio area.  The site is already formatted, and it’s a pretty simple matter to add the content.  It would be a great place for the people of San Antonio to come together with all of their groups to work for the animals. 
      We also have a site for every state.  You can find these sites by visitin http://network.bestfriends.org/Communities/ and clicking on any state using the map.  Some states are particularly active, such as New Jersey and Tennessee , because they have volunteer editors posting content regularly.  Hopefully, the Texas site will become just as active as soon as a volunteer community editor is found. 
      If anyone knows someone who might be interested in editing either Texas.bestfriends.org or SanAntonio.bestfriends.org, let me know, and we can make it happen!  The sites can be maintained in as little as an hour a day….depending on how much news there is and how many resources are being uploaded.
      This would be a very easy way to facilitate communication among animal lovers in San Antonio and take animal welfare to the next level by involving those people involved who are currently sitting on the sidelines.
      Congratulations on all that you are doing for homeless animals in your community.  I’m always excited to read the latest information coming out in the CPR Exchange.  I would love to see the information shared with animal welfare groups around the country who are struggling in their own communities and looking for inspiration.  Your accomplishments might be the inspiration they seek.
      Kathi McDermott
      Community Program Manager
      Best Friends Animal Society
      5001 Angel Canyon Road
      Kanab, Utah 84741
      (435) 644-3965 X4406
      A better world through kindness to animals

      From: Laura McKieran [mailto: l_mckieran@... ]
      Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 11:48 AM
      Subject: Organizing animal control reform in Texas
      To:  Pam Warner, Kerrville 
             Kelly Brennan, Medina Co. 
             Lucky Newton ,  Seguin  
             Margaret Gondo,  Houston  
      Fr:  Laura McKieran, Citizens for Pound Reform, San Antonio
      CC:  Laura Stanford, CPR Steering Committee
              Vince Fonseca, CPR Steering Committee
              Craig Brestrup, SA Animal Care Services Interim Director
              Donna Sanchez, SA ACS Special Projects Coordinator
      Pam, Kelly, Lucky, and Margaret -
      I'm trying to put all of us together because each of you is or has recently been working to reform animal control and overpopulation responses in your respective city/county outside of San Antonio 's purview. 
      CPR periodically gets requests for wisdom and reform "best practices" from folks like you, and we always feel woefully inadequate.  But I think we can help each other learn, and hopefully bring a regional approach to this work.  (I left out the woman who wrote us from Alabama - she's on her own.  :) ) 
      It's also getting frighteningly near the next regular legislative session, and we're going to need to organize statewide to achieve some legislative reforms to support (or get out of the way of) local initiatives.  We can plug in to the Texas Humane Legislative Network, but we're going to have to do the real work at the grassroots.
      When you have a moment, please reply all and let us know the basic situation in your area and how you're involved.  If you know of someone else in Texas who's working on animal overpopulation and/or animal control reform, please bring 'em into the group.  You will all then proceed to talk amongst yourselves. :)
      In the meantime, I want to be sure you are all aware of the Best Friends/No More Homeless Pets website at http://www.bestfriends.org/ and Alley Cat Allies at http://www.alleycat.org/ .  Both of these sites have a TON of resources on sheltering, rescue, policy reform, building community partnerships, and so forth.  CPR pretty much just muddled through on common sense because we didn't know any better;  we encourage you to learn from our mistakes and make use of everything that's out there.  We long ago passed our lifetime quota of saying, "You would *think* that ______".   You might think so, yeah, but it's less frustrating to skip that part and go directly to the action. :)
      I've cc'd Dr. Craig Brestrup and Donna Sanchez, leaders and reformers from San Antonio's Animal Care Services staff, and Kathi McDermott from the No More Homeless Pets campaign just to keep them in the loop.  Craig and Donna and Kathi, we won't keep cc'ing you unless you want us to - I know you've got quite enough to deal with without adding this.
      And finally, I can't beg loudly enough for one of you to take the lead on keeping us glued together.  If I do more than get it off the ground, it won't get done well.
      Thanks y'all -
      Laura McKieran
      CPR Steering Committee
      (who does NOT have time to be doing this, but can't not because there's such a huge need)

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