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Reminder & time change - ACS Advisory Bd 6/11 - 7 pm

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  • Laura McKieran
    Just a reminder about Wednesday s ACS Advisory Board meeting at ACS (directions and map link below). PLEASE BE ADVISED that the board will meet in closed
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 10, 2008
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      Just a reminder about Wednesday's ACS Advisory Board meeting at ACS
      (directions and map link below).

      PLEASE BE ADVISED that the board will meet in closed executive
      session from 6:30-7:00 p.m., meaning that the public will not be
      allowed in the meeting room until 7. Please plan accordingly.

      Thanks and hope to see you there -
      Laura McK

      --- In CPRNews@yahoogroups.com, "Laura McKieran" <l_mckieran@...>
      > CPR Members:
      > After a victory in December to pass a more progressive muncipal
      > animal code, we haven't had to bug you much. But once again your
      > presence and voice are needed.
      > A growing number of members of the animal welfare community are
      > concerned that progress toward No Kill has stalled at ACS.
      > Field dog pick-ups are skyrocketing, front-lobby owner "dumps" of
      > cats and dogs remain as high as ever (if not higher), adoptions and
      > reunifications are not increasing to compensate, key staff
      > are plagued by vacancies or old-school holdovers resisting No Kill,
      > and dozens of willing new volunteers are being blocked from saving
      > lives by staffing off-site adoptions, counseling would-be "owner
      > surrenders" in the lobby on alternatives to leaving their pets at
      > to be killed, and other functions.
      > Despite HUGE budget increases since 2004, a pledge of support from
      > the Mayor and City Manager, the hiring of a new director and dozens
      > of smart and committed staff, a move out of a 1950s facility, and
      > recruitment of over 100 new volunteers, the save rate is not
      > At some point it makes sense to stop and ask why, and to search
      > aggressively for alternate methods. Other cities have made this
      > work. There is no reason why we should not be able to - unless we
      > just refuse to admit that we're not where we should be and that we
      > can and should do better.
      > *No* reform ever happens without slowdowns, without any steps back -

      > so it's not reasonable to expect that it should in this case,
      > either. But many fear that this situation is different, that where
      > we are is as far as we can go without changes in organizational
      > culture and policy. It doesn't matter much if we're on the right
      > path if we're just sitting in the middle of it congratulating
      > ourselves for having come so far.
      > The next Advisory Board meeting is Wednesday June 11 at 6:30 p.m.
      > the new ACS facility at Hwy 151 and Old Hwy 90. The actual address
      > is 4710 State Highway 151, 78227, but most maps don't show it -
      > the next-door Food Bank's website for a good map at
      > http://safoodbank.org/directions.html . Future meetings are
      > typically held the 3rd Weds of the month at 6:30, but CPR will
      > notifying you of upcoming meetings as we used to.
      > This is not an oppositional or confrontational situation. We just
      > need the larger animal welfare community to come back into the loop.
      > Y'all are the engine that powered the change we've seen so far.
      > leadership need to know you're still out there and still believe we
      > can and should ways to make our neighborhoods and kids safe from
      > bites WITHOUT killing 25-30,000 cats and non-aggressive dogs every
      > year.
      > We'll send out a reminder and more details - the agenda does not
      > appear to have been posted yet - early next week.
      > Laura McK
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