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REMINDER! Support Ch 5 laws at City Council tomorrow 11/29 at 5 p.m.!

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    ACTION ALERT ::: PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST REMINDER! Support Ch 5 laws at City Council Thursday Nov 29 at 5 p.m.! Please join Citizens for Pound Reform at the
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      REMINDER!   Support Ch 5 laws at City Council Thursday Nov 29 at 5 p.m.!


      Please join Citizens for Pound Reform at the Citizens to Be Heard portion of tomorrow's (11/29) City Council meeting to show your support of the Chapter 5 proposal.  The proposal doesn't satisfy everyone, but among other improvements, it:


        - modernizes and cleans up the entire code,

        - legalizes progressive life-saving techniques like Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for feral cats,

        - closes loopholes in the state's cruelty laws,

        - makes licensing free as a way of collecting information to reunite lost pets with their families,

        - creates an Excess Animal Permit to responsible owners to keep more than the limit,


      and  a whole host of other important improvements. 


      In development since February 2007, the proposed Chapter 5 revision has been presented to City Council and is currently scheduled for a December 13 vote.  Council will vote on the entire proposal, not individual sections.  So even if you have concerns about a few provisions, please get behind the proposal anyway, because what we'll get is 100% better than the disorganized, ambiguous, regressive 1950s-era code we have now.


      Citizens to Be Heard begins at 6 p.m., but we need you there no later than 5 p.m. for two reasons:  first, folks who want to speak in support of the proposal will need to sign up to do so;  and second, some Councilmembers do not stay for the Citizens to Be Heard portion of the meeting, so they need to see you there before they leave.  Directions and parking tips are at the bottom of this email.


      The Chapter 5 proposal is being opposed by the pet owners' rights lobby, which works to defeat any government infringement on owners' rights to do as they choose with their companion animals, regardless of the consequences to those animals, their offspring, or other city taxpayers.  Their strategy has been to distort the facts beyond recognition, saying that the proposal calls for mandatory spay/neuter and that Citizens for Pound Reform opposes Nathan Winograd and the No Kill Equation.  In reality, CPR believes that these laws will be a strong complement to - but not replacement for - the crucial programs and services of the No Kill Equation.  To read more about how the laws can help us and see what the proposal REALLY includes, please visit:




      For those of you who've been following this whole law revision for 10 months now, this is the moment of truth.  We really need your help this Thursday, so please join us in making our voices heard!


      Citizens for Pound Reform Steering Committee




      Council chambers are in Municipal Plaza at N. Flores and Commerce St. , across from City Hall and right next to the San Fernando Cathedral.   Coming from 281N, exit Commerce, turn right on Commerce and continue til you see the Main Plaza construction fencing on your left.  Coming from 281S, exit Commerce and turn left.  From I-10/I-35 coming toward downtown, exit Durango which will take you east, turn left (north) on S. Flores, and continue up to Commerce (where it becomes N. Flores);  City Hall will be on your left and Municipal Plaza on your right.



      Parking is available at meters along Market (one block south of Commerce) and on N. Flores north of Commerce, or in the Frost Bank garage on the northeast corner of Commerce and N. Flores, directly across Commerce from Municipal Plaza . 



      Because of construction, it's easiest to enter Municipal   Plaza through the north doors on Commerce  or the west doors just around the corner on N. Flores.  When you come in to Chambers, look for someone handing out stickers saying "Chapter 5 Will Save Lives!"


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