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FW: [acsvolunteer] Looking For Some Exceptional Lead People

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  • Laura McKieran
    if interested, please contact Donna Sanchez directly at donna.sanchez@sanantonio.gov. ... Subject: [acsvolunteer] Looking For Some Exceptional Lead People
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2007
      if interested, please contact Donna Sanchez directly at donna.sanchez@....

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      Subject: [acsvolunteer] Looking For Some Exceptional Lead People
      Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 2:05:42
      From: Sandra Griffin <sgriffin6@...>
      To: <acsvolunteer@yahoogroups.com>

      Quite some time ago, Donna put out a call for some people interested
      in helping in certain areas. Dagi volunteered for the dog rescue
      leader position. She and her crew have done an outstanding job
      saving many of our furry friends. If you think you would like to
      volunteer into one of these areas as a leader, send a email to Donna
      and let her know, plus what skills you have that would make you a
      good leader and why you want to volunteer to be the leader of a
      certain group. Her email is donna.sanchez@ sanantonio. gov and info me
      at sgriffin6@satx. rr.com . If you would just like to help in that
      area but not lead, feel free to send your information to us. Once we
      get the leads on board we will start recruiting more people in the
      different areas and start training.

      We need some other leadership type people to consider volunteering
      the following areas: (I will try to give a brief description)

      First Overall these volunteer leaders will be the first people Donna
      will contact when she needs some help. They will assist in
      recruiting people to help in their arena, assure their people are
      kept abreast of information/ events/schedulin g people with input from
      Donna. And most important keep Donna and whoever the staff person
      responsible for that area informed of all progress and activities of
      their group. Even though you are not an ACS employee you will be
      representing ACS, so you will need to have the ability to work with
      all kinds of people. For the most part everyone will be cool,
      however, there are a few that some times are a bit trying. There
      are several leadership positions that need to be filled.

      LEADER is actually only the lead volunteer in that area. All
      actions should be run by the particular ACS staff person over that
      area before putting a plan into action.

      1. Administrative Volunteer Lead: That could be anything from
      making phone calls, duplicating paper, making adoption packets,
      computer work, arranging meetings etc. Develop training packages,
      flyers for handing out. Basically any of the groups requiring help
      in the admin area could contact Donna or you for help.

      2. Adoption CenterVolunteer Lead: This would be working closely
      with Edward Garza in the adoption center.

      3. Foster Care: This would be working closely with the veternarian
      who is running this program. I could see that would be recruiting
      more foster homes, arranging transportation to foster homes, training
      new volunteers in the foster area, doing home visits, etc.

      4. Public Affairs , Community Out Reach and Education is actually
      run by Elizabeth Brown, an ACS staff person. She can use all the
      help she can get! Please let Donna know if you're interested in
      making public appearances or attending public meetings. We need
      people willing to help with developing and teaching courses in
      various areas of animal needs. Teaching little kids about taking care
      of animals etc. Translating information into Spanish

      5. Photo Team. Technically I could have put this with either Admin
      or Public Affairs, however, this is so important, I would like to
      make it separate. There are several areas I see a great need:

      a. Pictures of animal at intake. Assist in the lobby with
      taking the photos of the stray and owner surrendered animals coming
      in. The drivers will be taking their own photos.

      b. Once a animal is transferred into the Adoption Center or
      Foster Care, we need to take a better picture to put on the website
      for adoptable pets. When I talked with Ed, he said it would be nice
      if we could fix some sort of backdrop so when the picture is taken it
      looks better.

      c. We need good pictures for the Brag Book. You say what is
      the brag book. Well when ACS goes to events that they can't take all
      the dogs or cats, it was decided to make a brag book that shows a
      picture on one side of the page and the information about the dog or
      cat on the other side. So this would entail not just taking pictures
      by making sure the book is updated prior to any event. Scrap book
      skills would be helpful.

      d. Take pictures of different events for posters, newsletters,

      6. Cat Volunteer Lead: Very important lead person. Due to there
      nature, it is difficult to take them out to the public so the field
      of innovation is wide open on the needs to help have more cats
      adopted. Wanted A very much cat lover who can help make it better
      for the cats!

      7. Hurricane or Emergency Volunteer Lead: You will work directly
      with Kathleen McKowan in being prepared for the next influx of
      hurricane refugees with pets.

      8. Scrounge Lead: This one I am adding so not sure Donna will
      accept this one or not but it is definitely a need. If any group or
      the any area of ACS needs some assistance in finding a resource or
      supplies or locations, this is where this team goes to action. This
      person must be creative, innovative, and legal. It would be totally
      embarrassing for Jeff to be called on the carpet in front of city
      council because we midnight requesition something not quite on the up
      and up. By the way people, I am making a joke!!!!!

      Let us know if you can help any of these areas by emailing
      Donna.sanchez@ sanantonio. gov and info sgriffin6@satx. rr.com .

      Thanks for all your help and love of animals,

      Sandy Griffin

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