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CPR General Meeting Notes

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    General Meeting Notes from 2-12-07 1. We have $10,732.06 in our fund at SAAF as of Dec. 31. We are considering a request that s been made of CPR to help pay
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      General Meeting Notes from 2-12-07

      1. We have $10,732.06 in our fund at SAAF as of Dec. 31.  We are considering a request that's been made of CPR to help pay for a professional grant writer for San Antonio's ongoing effort to secure the Maddies Fund grant.  As you know, this grant funds spay/neuter services on a large scale, and would greatly benefit our area.  We will put this request before the membership for input before making any commitment.

      2. We are excited about the potential for the new area wide coalition that is presently forming.  Named Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare (AAPAW), this will be an official umbrella organization for all the area's rescue groups, shelters, and advocacy groups.  It will help unite all these many voices into once voice in certain specific areas such as spay/neuter and education.  It will enable the many groups to be aware of all the various efforts going on (fundraisers, adoption events, etc), and to share in resources.  This organization does not replace CPR; rather, CPR is a member of it.  CPR will coordinate with this organization and help strengthen it where possible, and join with it wherever our goals coincide.  We will, however, continue to work on other levels that the organization does not plan to -- such as conditions and policies inside ACS.

      3. In the December general meeting, several ACS volunteers expressed concerns about various problems they encountered at the facility.  After some discussion, it was decided that they would send in a report to Laura Stanford after each visit.  Laura would then compile the reports and submit them to Jef and Kathie.  With this written record, problems that continued to repeat would become apparent, as well as whether ACS was responding to them effectively or not.  One compiled report had been made and presented to Jef and Kathie, and they responded in person to some of the concerns.  Most of them had already been resolved.  Kathie asked that the volunteer reports be forwarded on to her as they came in so that she could take immediate action.  This is a new effort, but it promises to be one way that we can stay on top of internal conditions at ACS.  The next step is to determine when and how to make such reports public -- it seems fair to give the ACS staff some time to address concerns, and then distribute the summary reports with notes as to what has been addressed and what has not.

      3.  We discussed the SAPets website and the need for it to be advertised to the public.  Flyers have been made and are in the file section of both CPR yahoo sites.  We ask that everyone print copies, and distribute them to your vets, neighborhood associations, and any other contact you can think of that would spread the word.  The number of hits on the site, in spite of no official advertisement, continues to be an amazement.  After only 2 months, the hits were over 10,000.  Getting quality pictures and reliable data entry continues to be a challenge.  We are pursuing the possibility of finding funding to pay for a parttime volunteer.

      4. We are getting quotes for creating a new CPR banner, for use at various functions.

      5.  We discussed the possibility of discontinuing regular meetings, and calling meetings only when urgent issues arise.  It was decided to continue meetings every other month for now, which means the next meeting will be April 9 at 6pm at Whole Foods in the Quarry.

      Laura Stanford
      Steering Committee
      Citizens for Pound Reform -- www.changethesapound.org
      210-771-7079 (cell)

      "The greatness of a nation, and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated"  --Gandhi

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