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BWI of CNY May Membership Incentive

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  • Faith Rayland
    Hello Babywearers!   We wanted to let you know about an exciting membership incentive program we re running through May.  As you know, our meetings are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2012
      Hello Babywearers!
      We wanted to let you know about an exciting membership incentive program we're running through May.  As you know, our meetings are always free to attend and membership is never required.  If you choose to become a BWI member ($30/year tax-deductible), you are allowed to borrow carriers from our lending library for a month at a time.  We've gone through our carrier library and are updating it a bit - trying to sell some older items to replace them with new items that we feel will meet our group's needs more.  We're going to start showing any new additions from the month at the beginning of each meeting.
      Our current membership incentive program gives anyone who joins during the month of May an additional benefit - a FREE 30-minute one-on-one session with one of our Volunteer Babywearing Educators, outside of meeting times.  As you know, at meetings it's important for us to help everyone and sometimes we're not able to spend as much time with individuals as everyone would like.  This program will give you 30 minutes of individual attention to help improve your babywearing experience.  When you join and request a session, we will figure out which of the three of us can work with your schedule the best and/or has the most expertise in your area of question.
      If you wish to take advantage of this program, you can join a few different ways.  You can wait until the May meeting to join in-person.  You can print the Membership Form from the Files section of our Yahoo Group page (also attached to this e-mail), fill it out and mail it along with your check to our treasurer Melissa (e-mail me off-list for her address).  Or, you can send payment via Paypal to bwiofcny@... - please send as Gifted since there is no Donation option - and mail your form or just bring it to the May meeting.  After joining, please e-mail me off-list at faithrayland@... to set up your one-on-one.  
      Our portion of your membership fees benefits our local group greatly.  Group funds allow us to purchase carriers for the library to help meet YOUR needs, and we would also like to use some funds to create more literature to help spread the word about babywearing and our BWI chapter.
      If you have any friends who are interested in babywearing but not on our Yahoo Group, please pass along this information.
      Happy May!

      Faith Rayland
      Master Babywearing Educator
      President, Babywearing International of Central New York
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