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9Updates to our Yahoo Group

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  • Faith Rayland
    Apr 4, 2011
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      Hello CNYBabywearers!
      I just wanted to let everyone know of a few updates to our Yahoo Group.  First, I have uploaded an album with pictures from yesterday's meeting.  At the left of our group page, there is a link for "Photos" and if you click on it you will see the album for the April 2011 meeting.  I set it up so members can add pictures, so feel free to add any of your own pictures from yesterday's meeting.  We will be adding the pictures to our Facebook page as well.
      Secondly, Glenda and I have decided to open the group up for discussion.  I currently have it set to unmoderated so your messages will be sent immediately with no need for approval.  The only thing we ask is that members not use the board for spam.  You may send messages about carriers you'd like to sell or buy, but please do not mention carriers that you're selling in any other types of discussion.  Here's an example of something we don't want to see:
      Member A:  What kind of woven wrap do you recommend?
      Member B:  I recommend a Girasol, and by the way, I'm selling one!
      If anyone is unclear of the rules, please feel free to ask Glenda or me.