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72BWI of CNY Updates

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  • Faith Rayland
    Sep 22, 2011
      Hi Everyone!
      Two pieces of news to share with you all today...
      1)  International Babywearing Week is coming up during October 10-16, 2011.  I have submitted for our group to become an official celebrating organization.  I would love to hear if any of our group members have ideas to celebrate!  This page has some ideas but we welcome any other suggestions as well.  Coincidentally, our October meeting is scheduled for October 15th which is during IBW, so rather than having our normal monthly meeting we could do some sort of special event instead - or, we could do another event in addition to our monthly meeting.  Maybe we could do a babywearing mall walk before or after our meeting?  Just one idea!
      2)  We would like to have a group Treasurer for our chapter.  This person would be in charge of memberships and bank deposits, as well as quarterly reports to the BWI parent organization.  It is not a huge time commitment, but we do ask that anyone who volunteers be willing and able to make it a priority.  Please e-mail me off-list at faithrayland@... if you are interested (do not just reply to this message, as the default is to reply to the whole group).
      Thanks everyone!