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47Re: [CNYBabywearers] Baby Carrier

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  • Faith Rayland
    Jul 1, 2011
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      Welcome Christina!
      Steph made some great suggestions.  I usually recommend a ring sling and/or a stretchy wrap (like the Moby) for newborns/new babywearers.  Ring slings are great because they're very easy to learn and use, quick to put on, and easy to adjust for a perfect fit.  Stretchy wraps are great because they offer two-shoulder support and offer a very snuggle-like fit, almost like being swaddled.  A stretchy wrap might take a few tries to get the wrapping technique down, but once you get the hang of it it can be relatively quick.  Also, you can pop the baby in and out without having to redo the wrap job; you can just leave it on.
      If you can make it to our meeting next weekend, you can try out various carriers and use our weighted doll for practice.  If you choose to join Babywearing International, you will have access to our lending library and can even borrow a carrier to have on hand when your baby is born, to try before you buy (not sure when you're due, but you can just take one at the meeting closest to your due date).
      I hope this is helpful!  I'm also happy to meet with moms/dads/caregivers outside of meetings for one-on-one help when needed.
      Faith Rayland
      Volunteer Babywearing Educator
      Co-Founder, Central New York Chapter

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      Subject: [CNYBabywearers] Baby Carrier
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      Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011, 9:13 PM

      Hi All,
      I am new to the group and looking for some advice.
      I am pregnant with my first baby and would like to be a babywearer.
      I am overwhelmed, however, by all of the options for baby carriers out there - slings, soft carriers, etc. The hotsling was recommended to me, but now I am reading about how slings can be unsafe. Is something like the Baby Bjorn better? I'd like to wear my baby right from infancy and want one appropriate for a newborn on up.
      I am hoping some of you won't mind sharing your knowledge, opinions, and insight.
      Looking forward to hearing your input.
      Thanks so much!

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