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  • kebattaglia
    May 2 5:11 PM
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      Thanks for all the responses and it was great to see everyone at the meeting! Just wanted to say thanks!

      I'm trying out a couple things and hopefully I can get this right!!


      --- In CNYBabywearers@yahoogroups.com, "kebattaglia" <kebattaglia@...> wrote:
      > Hi Ladies!
      > So I just don't know what to do or what to try next. Every carrier I have hurts me after like 10-15 min. Even if I re-adjust and try to tie them tighter or a different way.
      > I have a moby wrap (that I don't really use anymore)
      > Sleeping Baby productions ring sling
      > Babyhawk Mei Tai
      > Storch woven wrap
      > Girasol woven wrap
      > I borrowed one of Faith's Didys for a while and still had pain.
      > I've mainly been using the wovens and the ring sling. With the wovens I've tried front wrap cross carry, front cross carry, kangaroo, rucksack, double hammock, and secure high back carry. I wear at least once a day and would love the versatility of wearing more...but I usually wrap Samuel and then keep him on for as long as I can take it (usually not more than an hour). I'm pretty sure I'm wrapping tight enough...and I spread the fabric over my back and on my shoulders.
      > Is my body just not made to carry babies for long term?? Do I need to try a SSC (haha)?
      > I know the meeting is this weekend but with the nice weather this week and my older daughter's recent behavior, I'd love to be able to wear Samuel more than once a day this week.
      > Let me know if I've left out any important background information
      > Thanks!!
      > Karra
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