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153Re: [CNYBabywearers] Newbie questions

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  • Faith Rayland
    Aug 21 8:19 AM
      Her breathing definitely shouldn't be labored!  Always make sure you can fit two fingers between her chin and her chest, and that her face is turned to the side so it's not buried in your chest.  It should be comfortable when you first put it on, but with no slack anywhere in the wrap.  It should feel snug, like an ace bandage.

      Faith Rayland
      Master Babywearing Educator
      President, Babywearing International of Central New York

      On Aug 21, 2012, at 10:19 AM, Matt Gortner <matt.gortner@...> wrote:


      Stephanie & Faith,

      Thanks for the advice.  Swaddling does help soothe and she does fall asleep easily in the boba. I just hope she learns to like it while awake - she sometimes tries to stretch out and gets antsy.  Going up and down stairs helps soothe her again (similar to using the ball).

      I wrapped a little tighter the last time I used it, but if it is too tight, her breathing seems more labored and she appears even more agitated.


      On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 2:46 PM, Faith Rayland <faithrayland@...> wrote:


      Steph's advice is spot on.  I too was going to suggest tying a little tighter to prevent sagging.  And once you have your baby in the wrap, start walking/swaying/bouncing, and a change of scenery can also help a lot.  Like Steph suggested, sitting and bouncing on a yoga/exercise ball can be a lifesaver!

      Faith Rayland
      Master Babywearing Educator
      President, Babywearing International of Central New York

      On Aug 19, 2012, at 11:47 AM, nynanny3@... wrote:


      Hi Matt! 
      I would try and tie it tighter to begin with. Think of it as wearing a women's size xs shirt on a man. Lol
      Does she like to be swaddled? Most of the time with Janae she was crying and would stop when comfortably in the moby. After you get her in try taking her outside in a new room leaving her head out but supported sometimes detracting her with something new will help her stop crying. I would also say as you become more comfortable and more efficient at getting her in and out the process will go more quickly. She might also be picking up on the learning process (nervous, figuring it out, readjusting a few times, frustration). Of course a crying baby helps with the learning process. ;P  Another tip if you have a big ball trying sitting and bouncing on it. Janae loved to be in a carrier bouncing as a newborn. 
      Good luck! Keep trying! 

      Stephanie Patrick-Adams 

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      On Aug 19, 2012, at 8:44 AM, "mgort697" <matt.gortner@...> wrote:



      Thanks for the great meeting yesterday. I had a lot of success wearing Malia, our 1 month old, for most of Saturday (boba wrap). Two questions:

      1. As I get up and move around, she tends to sink lower and her knees drop a little bit. Should I just try and tighten the wrap by tugging and retying while wearing her?

      2. Getting her into the wrap while she's sleepy is easy. But more than once I've taken a content, awake, and alert baby and turned her into a crying baby by trying to get her into the wrap. Any suggestions?




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