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Ride for a Reason

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  • Paul Vetter
    Hey Everybody -- It s the time of year for fundraising! Yay! Wait! Don t trash this email yet... It s time for the annual Ride for a Reason (R4R) -- that
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2013
      Hey Everybody --

      It's the time of year for fundraising! Yay! 
      Wait! Don't trash this email yet...
      It's time for the annual Ride for a Reason (R4R) -- that magical bike ride from Oakland to the State Capitol in Sacramento to 
      1) protest the sorry state of funding for public education in California (48th in the nation in per student funding! Yeah! We stink more than nearly everyone!) and 
      2) raise some money for four public schools in Oakland which badly need the support. So -- to make it easy for you, we bike to Sacramento with the pitchforks and attract the media, you do what you can for our schools.  

      Won't you please go visit my page at 

      I've also written a ride description of the route, so you wonderful people can read about it. 

      NEWS FLASH! Jennifer will ride this year!  Visit my lovely wife's page if you would rather support her.  She's much more attractive. She writes much better email solicitations. If you already got an email from her, just stop reading this one.

      This year, I've also loaned my (ahem) "spare" bikes to one of the principals at Claremont Middle School, Reggie and Ronnie Richardson. They are a real gas around the school, and also happen to be very athletic, although not huge cyclists yet. 

      Thanks for reading.
      Yr pal,
      Paul Vetter

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