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March meeting notes

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  • paul kagiwada
    Below are a few notes from Wednesday s meeting. I didn t take great notes so feel free to chime in if there are things I missed that you think need to go out
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2013
      Below are a few notes from Wednesday's meeting. I didn't take great notes so feel free to chime in if there are things I missed that you think need to go out to the entire Dads Club.

      1. Yearbook ad - Kristopher Skinner came and took a few photos of us for our ad – thanks Kristopher! Everyone chipped in a few bucks so we have the $100 it costs to place the ad. Kag will design it and get it to the yearbook committee.

      2. Barbecue - Big thanks to Patrick and everyone who made last week's barbecue a huge success. We've decided to move forward with Claremont Barbecues every first Saturday (unless it's a direct conflict with a major event). Next few will be April 6, May 4, and June 1. Morris has already added those dates to the online calendar. Patrick is going to write up a mini-grant request to pay for a gas grill.

      3. Chris Jackson reported a couple incedents: a stolen tip jar and some damage to some library equipment. It sounds like both have been dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner.

      4. Music - Brian had lots to report and I did not take very good notes on this part. BUT, I did find out that Elizabeth Falkner is happy to combine the open house and the concert. So Brian and Brenda will make sure that date works for Mr. Nemoyten and then it's a go. We want to get a good list of music room needs before the next Project Peace day. There was discussion about a youth orchestra using the gym for rehearsals but this is where my note taking fails me.

      5. Math night - Everything is in motion. You should have received an email from Andrew about the dry run on Saturday. Kag is looking into getting pizzas (perhaps from Pizza Nation). David said he could help schlepping pizzas. Carroll is approaching Safeway about donating lemonade mix (and providing a letter of intent so Chris Jackson can do the same). Please sign up for food serving at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq4umqSPZr5ndDBIS2dyS3ZvaDdsZXFrUFU4SklGNkE&usp=sharing
      *** I forgot to mention that we need a few giant serving bowls and tongs for salad. Please let me know if you can bring one of those. ***

      6. Lunchtime - Patrick reported that all is well on the blacktop as long as one of the Richarsons are there but things fall apart when they aren't. This led to a discussion about the ineffectiveness of the SSOs. If you have issues with the quality of the SSOs' job performance, please get it to the Richardsons in writing. Same goes for any staff or teachers.

      7. Pancake Breakfast - Thanks to Kevin for getting the publicity out. Thanks to Paul for selling tickets at Chabot. Kag to take on selling tickets at Peralta. Did anyone step up to sell at Claremont? Kag will get a Google doc for volunteers set up. Kag will print out a teacher invite.

      8. LRPG yard sale Dads Club to help with: moving merchandise from storage units to Peralta on Friday 4/19; running a hot dog stand from 11 to 1 on 4/20; get at least one guy with a truck to be on hand for deliveries on 4/20.

      9. Ride for a Reason - Mike still needs volunteers to staff rest stations

      I'm sure there's more, but I need to get this out.

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