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Notes from December Dads' Club Meeting

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  • Patrick Zak
    Below and attached are notes from the December Dads Club meeting.  Please review and let me know if I missed anything.      Dads’ Club Notes – 12/7/11
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2011
    Below and attached are notes from the December Dads' Club meeting.  Please review and let me know if I missed anything. 
    Dads’ Club Notes – 12/7/11
    Present: Kag, Carroll, Sam, Mike, Kent, Kevin Keck, Kevin Kenny, Kristopher, Patrick, Chad, Paul,
    Principal selection
    An interim principal for the remainder of the school year will be announced shortly by OUSD. The group discussed the importance of getting more involved in the selection of the school’s new principal (starting 2012). 
    Carroll will talk to Jody London about the selection process and how members of the dads’ club could be involved.
    Prior months’ events
    The November open house and December Winter Concert were both very successful.  Dads club members helped out with the open house and the dads’ club took the lead in helping to set up and break down for the winter concert.
    January Movie Night
    The group confirmed that it will hold a movie night on January 27th starting at 6pm in order to try and attract more kids, especially those in the after school program.  Food would be served beginning at 6pm with the movie starting at 6:45 in the gym.  Food would be free for kids and staff.  Responsibilities include:
    ·         Carroll to check on projector / equipment.  If not satisfactory Patrick will borrow equipment from Temescal.
    ·         Carroll to purchase tarp
    ·         Patrick to bring grill
    ·         Carroll to purchase food (hot dogs, veggie dogs, chips, soda, water)
    ·         Kent to bring propane and purchase extension cords
    ·         Mike Lewis to get popcorn maker from Chabot
    ·         David to bring ice
    ·         Kent and Paul to bring coolers
    ·         Kevin to bring adult beverages
    ·         Kag to bring cash box with change
    ·         Paul to work on getting site permit
    ·         Kag to work on posters / advertisement
    ·         Patrick to circulate e-mail re movie ideas.  All parties to suggest appropriate movies.
    Other activities
    The group discussed the possibility of getting discounted / free tickets to sporting events for students with the dads club acting as chaperones.
    ·         Chad and Kristopher to explore getting tickets from various teams (e.g. Warriors, As, Cal)
    Meet twice a month
    The group agreed to meet twice a month on the first Wednesday and third Thursday beginning in 2012.  The third Thursday meeting in January (1/19) would be held at Art’s Crab Shack.
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