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573Help needed to keep CMS tech up to date

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  • Mike_Mages
    Jul 29, 2014

      Hi Dad's Club members,

      Hoping I can get a couple of volunteers on Saturday August 16 to help Paul Vetter and I install a flat screen and cabling in the library. Will take about two hours to make it all happen. We'll start at 10am and finish up around noon. Please help out if you can. You can reply to the group email or directly to me at michaelmages@.... Thanks in advance.

      Another important ask - there is modest but year long support needed to keep the computer labs, server and computer carts working throughout the school year. There is also need for help to organize things before the school year starts. If you know how to use a computer, you can volunteer. No tech chops needed. So CMS is looking for a couple of parents to step up and commit a few hours every month to help out. I'm now working full time in the city and I won't have the available time to maintain the tech at CMS without a couple of volunteers helping out during the school year. Again you can reply to the group email or directly to me at michaelmages@....