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565End-of-year teacher/staff gift collection

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  • Morris Dye
    May 29, 2014

      Hello Dads -- Now is a really important time for us to be extra kind to the teachers and staff at Claremont. They are about to get a new boss, and like many of us, they are feeling some anxiety about what the next school year will bring. As a gesture of solidarity, we are passing the hat to get Trader Joe's gift cards that will be given to everyone who works at Claremont -- just like the holiday gift drive we organized in December.

      I have agreed to be the banker again, but I need all of you to help me collect donations over the next week or so. 

      HERE'S THE DEAL: For this to work, we need everyone in the Dads Club to reach out to friends in the community and ask them to contribute. Best if you can get them to give you cash or a check, then pass the money to me by the end of next week. Checks can be made out to me, or if the donor prefers, they can make the check out to you and you can give me cash.

      ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS: I have also set up a Web page with instructions for contributing via PayPal. Online donations will go into my personal PayPal account, and I will put an equivalent amount of cash in the fund. If anyone is uncomfortable sending money to my personal account, that’s totally understandable -- we’ll gladly figure out a way for them to hand over cash or a check in person. Here’s a link to the online payment instruction page:


      In December we all pulled together and raised enough to buy $20 gift cards for nearly 70 people who work hard every day to educate our children. Let's try to get at least that much this time around. 

      Thanks for helping … and don't forget the Dads Club meeting this Wednesday evening at McNally's. See you then!