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554Got 90 minutes this Saturday (May 3) --Do a quick shift at the yard sale.

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  • christopher frost
    Apr 30, 2014
      Lower Rockridge Parents Group puts on a yard sale that benefits Peralta and Claremont. As a fundraiser it's in a class with the Pancake Breakfast ($3000-$4000). But it's not just about the money.  Mere presence of Claremont Dads has virtue. Seeing CMS Dads gives other elementary school families a window forward on the larger North Oakland public school community we all share. 

      As a Claremont Dad, can you lend a hand? 

      morning- midday 90 minute shifts

          10:00 am - 11:30 Grilling, plating and money taking;
          11:30 am -  1:00  Grilling, plating and money taking;

      How about this .. don't just come and mill around the grill, come by in the afternoon and help the cleanup. 

      afternoon shifts (could be shorter than 90 minutes) 

         1:30 - 3pm: boxing unsold items, tables back to classrooms 
          2 pm:  Donation delivery, drive a carload to stuff to goodwill

      Sign up in the green or blue section Sign up on the Google doc.

      See some of you on Saturday.  - Chris