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508January Meeting etc.

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  • Paul Kagiwada
    Dec 16 8:37 AM
      Hey Dads,

      As we get ready to head off for winter break, I want to put out a few reminders:

      - Thanks so much for all of your donations for the staff gifts! Sounds like we were able to gather enough to give everyone a $20-25 gift card to Trader Joe's. You can probably still get cash to Morris if you want.

      - This Wednesday is the faculty and staff appreciation lunch. There are still a few volunteer spots that need to be filled. Check it out at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArQ2qDKcwvGjdERUTHFXMm81V19IQUlEczBTbnRmNVE&usp=sharing

      - This Thursday is the winter music concert (from 7 to 8:30 in the band room). Brian Rice may still need some help with that. You can contact him at bwrice@...

      - The next Dads Club meeting will be Wednesday, January 8. This will be our "Options Invitational" meeting where we will encourage incoming, prospective, on-the-fence, and in-the-distant-future Claremont dads to come and see what we are all about. Bart Garrett has graciously agreed to host this meeting at his home at 5850 Chabot Court. We'll start at the usual 6:30 social hour and probably have a somewhat formal meeting at 7:30. To lessen the burden on Bart, everyone else should plan on bringing something to drink and a very casual snack. We're talking beer and pretzels here not cocktails and canapés. We should definitely have some non-alcoholic drinks too. Please also:
      • bring a new dad from one of the above categories
      • plan to stay a bit late so we can clean up and not leave Bart with a mess
      • think about possible activities for our spring event with the students and possible jobs for the March Project Peace work day.

      I think that's it for now. I hope everyone has a great break!