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504RE: [Claremont Dads Club] Teacher/staff gift update

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  • Robert Gammon
    Dec 13, 2013
      Thanks, Morris, for shepherding this. Great haul.

      I vote for Trader Joe's.

      -- Bob Gammon
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      Subject: [Claremont Dads Club] Teacher/staff gift update

      Hello Dads — The collection for the teacher/staff gift has been going well, now up to about $1,000. If anyone has collected money and not yet given it to me, please email me and we’ll figure out a convenient time for the hand-off.

      Now we need to decide how to spend the money. We talked about getting$20 gift cards for Bica Coffeehouse or Trader Joe’s. Bart contacted both businesses and learned that Trader Joe’s cannot discount gift cards, so we’d have to pay full fare (although they did kindly offer to provide food for a future event). It’s not confirmed yet, but Bica might give us something like $3 off per $20 certificate.

      If the Bica deal works out I think we already have enough cash for 58 certificates at $17 each (maybe with a bit left over to contribute to the luncheon budget). If we pay full fare to Trader Joe’s we’ll need $1,160, which I’m sure we can get if I beat the bushes a little more over the weekend. So now I’m seeking opinions about whether we go with Trader Joe’s (which has a broader selection of items and would generally appeal to everyone) or Bica (which is kind of upscale and boutiquey). And just to toss a third option into the mix, we cold just get Visa cards that folks could spend anywhere. Anyone have thoughts or opinions to share with the group?



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