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500RE: Teacher/Staff gift fund

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  • MorrisDye
    Dec 8, 2013

      Hello Dads -- A big thanks to everyone who has given me money for the teacher/staff gift fund. So far I have received $615, which is a really good start.

      Now here's a reminder to contact other CMS families and ask them to contribute. Maybe send a few emails this morning, or ping people on Facebook. They can give you cash or check, or donate online to my PayPal account using this link: http://morrisdye.com/cms_2013_holiday_fund.

      After mulling it over a bit more I'm thinking Trader Joe's would be a solid option for the gift cards, especially if we can convince them to give us a discount off the face value. Nothing wrong with Bica, but Trader Joe's would give people more options about what to buy with their gift money.


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