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  • Paul Kagiwada
    Dec 4, 2013
      Thanks all for sticking out the cold. We ended up with a pretty large group and got some good thinking in. I wanted to immediately recap a few of the things we talked about while they are fresh in my mind. Please feel free to correct or amend anything I may have missed or gotten wrong.

      Music Program
      Brian is looking for a few people to help set up the band room and cafeteria for the winter musical performance. Volunteers are needed at 6:00 and the show starts at 7:00 on Thursday, December 19. 

      Grill and Chill
      This Saturday, December 7, Bart is going to see if Patrick wants to loosely organize basketball on the blacktop
      January we will skip
      February we will plan for a more formal activity
      March we will go back to regular Grill and Chill

      Project Peace
      There is an opportunity to do an extra Project Peace work day on March 1. I would be with another church so there would likely be a lot of extra man power. Patrick cannot organize it. Does someone else want to take this on? I'd hate to lose out on this opportunity.

      End-of-Year Gift Collection
      Dads Club is taking this on. I have sent an email to the 8th grade class (copied below). Can someone take on sending it to the 6th and 7th graders? I am going to get a head count from Ms. Champion. Morris has agreed to use his PayPal account if folks want to give electronically. Bart is going to look into getting gift cards.

      January Meeting
      Wednesday, January 8. We're planning on having this be an informational night for prospective/on-the-fence/in-the-distant-future/incoming dads. Bart has agreed to host or we can do it at McNally's. If the former, all current Dads Club members should bring drinks and snacks so Bart is just providing the location. Bob Gannon will send out info to Chabot dads. Chris Frost and I will tack the Peralta dads. Can anyone alert Kaiser, Emerson or any other schools? I will get name tags for this meeting.

      Over the Break
      Think of ways for Dads Club to connect with the CMS community. One idea is to pick a day in the spring and do an activity with any and all the kids. Think of something (or some things) that's easy to do, not likely to get out of hand, and fun for a variety of kids.

      I'm sure I've missed things, but you get the idea, right?


      Hi All,

      I've just gotten back from the Dads Club meeting and we have decided to take on collecting funds for end of the year gifts for all faculty and staff. This is not part of the PTA or any official organization – it is merely a gesture of thanks from the parents to all the other adults at Claremont who enrich our kids' lives. The gifts will be gift cards (Visa cards or maybe from Trader Joe's or some other easy-to-use location) and we will hand them out before the winter break.

      To make it easy to contribute, I will be collecting cash tomorrow night. $5, $10, $20 – whatever you want to give – will be greatly appreciated. And if you cannot contribute at this time, don't worry, the cards will be given as a thank you from ALL Claremont parents.

      I hope to see you all tomorrow night at the 8th grade meeting.

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