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488Re: OOPS! Who can help with after-school party TOMORROW?

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  • Morris Dye
    Oct 29, 2013
      Change of menu: So far nobody has volunteered to help tomorrow, and I’m concerned about not having enough people to cook, so I just ordered a bunch of pizzas from Costo, which I’ll pick up and bring to school at about 3:30.

      Can anyone show up on campus around 3:00 to set up a couple of tables and then help me get the pizzas from my car when I get there?

      Pretty please?

      On Oct 29, 2013, at 1:31 PM, Morris Dye <morris@...> wrote:

      > Hello Dads — Somehow Ms. Jordan and I got our communications mixed up. I understood that the after-school program's Halloween party would be on Thursday, but she was in fact planning for Wednesday — the original date that we discussed at our Dads Club meeting. So now I need to ask a few of you to step up and help me organize food for tomorrow afternoon.
      > The party is set to begin at about 3:50 when the students are released from homework/study time. That’s when we need to be ready with food. The plan was to serve hot dogs and chips, with either water or lemonade to drink. Ms. Jordan will provide cups and plates. She plans for the students to eat in the basketball court area, so I was thinking we could do to the cooking the garden and serve the food on tables set up just outside the garden gate.
      > After eating, the students will have a choice of going to a “dance” organized by students (probably just be a bunch of kids hanging out in the gym) or a movie, although Ms. Jordan hasn’t yet worked out where to show the movie and what projector to use. Anybody have any thoughts about that? Originally she wanted to show the movie in the cafeteria, which I think has a projector, but now she’s not sure that’s going to work.
      > Overall I think our main job will be to cook and serve the food, then clean up after, although it would be good if any of us are available to support the staff in supervising the students — a good opportunity to get to know some of the students in the after-school program.
      > Please let me know right away if you are available — we’ll need to have the cooking and serving area set up by around 3 so we can get enough dogs ready for the rush of students at 3:50.
      > Sorry about the late notice!
      > —Morris
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