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475Still need help with the after-school Halloween party and the Autodesk field trip

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  • Morris Dye
    Oct 21, 2013
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      Hello Dads -- I'm up to my ears in auction work and I really need a couple more of you to step up and lend a hand with these two activities:

      After-school Halloween Party: Thursday Oct. 31. We have three dads (including me) who can be there, but we need more. And can anyone organize our food contribution (even if you can't be there to cook it)? We're talking hot dogs, buns, snacks, Halloween treats.

      Autodesk Gallery Field Trip: Nov. 12 from about noon to 3:15, for students in Ms. Eastman's media lab elective. We just need a couple more guys to chaperone this field trip, mostly during the BART rides to and from the Embarcadero. The gallery is supposed to be super cool so it should be a fun trip.

      If you're on the fence about either activity, drop me a line and I'll answer any questions you have about what's required.


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