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472Dads Club support for two after-school events this month

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  • Morris Dye
    Oct 9, 2013
      Hello Dads -- At our meetings we've been talking about supporting events that happen after school as a way to engage families who don't live near school and who tend not to travel back to Rockridge for evening or weekend community events. Today i met with Aries Jordan, the after-school program director, to talk about how the dads can get involved with two such events this month. Please consider stepping up for either or both dates if you can.

      Thursday, Oct. 17, 6-7 p.m.
      This event is part of a national initiative promoted by something called the Afterschool Alliance. Sounds fairly simple -- Ms. Aries will invite parents/guardians to come to school and learn more about the program. Seems like she's encountered some pushback on the content of the program, as people accustomed to the way the after-school program operated last year aren't fully on board with Ms. Jordan's goal of making it more structured and educational. (The program was oversubscribed at the start of this school year, but there's been enough attrition that there are actually a few spaces open now.) I told Ms. Jordan that we would work on delivering some simple snacks for the event, and get a few dads there to lend a hand and engage some of the dads we don't normally see at school activities. Anyone want to step up as a coordinator for our role in the event? It's mostly just a matter of helping Ms. Jordan with the snacks and wrangling a few dads to show up that evening.

      Thursday, Oct. 31, 3 to 5:30 p.m.
      Ms. Jordan told me she has an enthusiastic "events committee" of students in her program who are all fired up to do the Halloween party. The students really want to have a dance an a haunted house. I suggested maybe instead of the haunted house we could offer kids a choice of going to the dance in the gym or watching some kind of Halloween-themed movie/video in the cafeteria. (A haunted house could be fun, but it sounds like a ton of work). The general flow would be to have the dance/movie part happen right after school, then get everyone together for food by 4:30. Ms. Jordan hadn't yet spoken to the Richardsons about this, but she was interested in opening the event to all students, not just those in the after-school program.

      I told her I thought the Dads Club could support the endeavor by providing food and some extra adult supervision, and helping her with a poster/flyer to promote it. Not exactly sure what would go into setting up the dance, but I'm hoping the after-school folks will take the lead on that. She said the cafeteria already has a screen and projector, so we just need to select an appropriate movie, and maybe figure out a way to darken the windows if there aren't shades already there. Popcorn might be in order.

      Ms. Jordan and I talked about the need for adequate adult supervision, especially if the event is open to everyone in the school. She'll talk to the Richardsons about asking teachers and staff to participate, and we could also spread the word beyond Dads Club to other parents.

      It would be great if some of the dads could commit to spending all or part of the afternoon at school that day to help with the food and with adult supervision. We'll need to organize hot dogs and whatever we want to serve with them, Given that it's Halloween, some kind of sweets would probably be in order. Please let me know if you're available to help that day. If you can't be there during the day, we could still use extra hands and minds to get the food organized.

      Thanks for your support!

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