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468Out and About Rockridge

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  • Paul Vetter
    Sep 24, 2013
      Hi Dads' Club,

      Paul Vetter here, quasi-official Out and About event coordinator.

      We've got a signup spreadsheet going. Enjoy. Sign up for a sit. Dorice Velez said she would organize raffle gear, but that she couldn't necessarily commit to manning the booth all afternoon selling raffle tix.

      Tasks during the afternoon in the booth include: 
      PTA membership drive, selling auction tickets, raffle tickets, T-shirts and sweatshirts, tote bags, babysitting garden produce; hanging out with Chris "I'll be there all afternoon" Frost being a parent representative for the school (i.e. answering questions, chatting up people about our school and gently soliciting donations for the Claremont Fund)

      I will bring a bucket of sidewalk chalk for people and passersby who feel artistic. And I'll provide a cooler of stuff to keep volunteers hydrated. 

      I welcome suggestions, assistance, furniture loans, tablecloths, duct tape, mister bottles, decorations, entertaining doodads, etc. etc. etc. 

      Your pal,
      Paul Vetter

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