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451School is starting!

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  • paul kagiwada
    Aug 7, 2013
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      Hey Claremont Dads!

      School is about to start and there are a few places we can pitch in:
      - Next week are the orientation days. I will be at the 6th grade orientation (Friday) to let new families know about the Dads Club. There will be Dads Club fliers on the PTA table, so if you are around Wednesday or Thursday, please feel free to pass them out personally to any new families.
      - Saturday, August 24 is a Project Peace work day. There will be lots to do to get the school ready for our young scholars.
      - Monday, August 26 is the first day of school. Like last year, we would like to have a major show of parent support. There is a sign up doc at:
      - On that same sheet, you can sign up to be a "Claremont Ambassador" - basically just another adult on campus the first week of school. There is no special training needed but I will go over some guidelines about what you can and cannot do as an ambassador. Please add a date and time when you sign up. I imagine the most useful times will be start of school, lunch time, and dismissal.
      - Wednesday, August 4 is our first Dads Club meeting of the year. We will be at our usual place and time: McNally's on College from 6:30 to 9:00. Please invite new dads!

      Morris and I met with the Richardsons today and I am feeling very positive about the coming school year.