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254Re: [Claremont Dads Club] Ronald and Reggie Richardson

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  • Zakir Ali
    Jul 3 8:58 AM
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      Thank you for the update.

      Have a great holiday!


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      Great summary Kag. I think we should be as supportive as possible to make sure everyone has a  successful year. 


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      On Jul 2, 2012, at 9:38 PM, paul kagiwada <paulgkag@...> wrote:

      Tonight, Mia Settles introduced the Richardson brothers, Claremont's new co-principals. My first impression of them was good overall. They were well spoken and said all the right things. They listened attentively and seemed to welcome each person's ideas and concerns. They were definitely energetic and enthusiastic about Claremont. They didn't seem scared off by the big show of parents and teachers.

      It sounds like their introduction to the entire community won't happen until orientation, but they will be at school over much of the summer. Carroll and I talked with Reggie about meeting with the dads club over the summer too. Reggie told us to email him and he'd give us some dates. I know that whenever we do it, there will be some folks who can't make it so I think we will work around their schedule.

      Some specific things of note:
      - Their whole family came – wives, kids, mom. Their mom was especially great. She seemed very proud of her sons and spoke highly of their accomplishments and character.
      - Chris Chatmon was at the meeting and also spoke well of the Richardsons. He said that he hoped to work with them over the year.
      - Mia said explicitly that the Richardsons are not anti-union.
      - They listened to my pitch about enlisting parent help as "ambassadors" for the beginning of school. When I spoke with Reggie one-on-one after the introductions, he was definitely interested in meeting over the summer to plan.
      - Some of the key things Reggie mentioned: commitment to equity, he is there to be in service of the kids and community, it's not just a job - it's his life, kids should learn daily about respect and honor, kids are scholars/professional students, he is here to learn as much as he is here to lead, he values transparency and honesty.
      - Some of the key things Ronald mentioned: he wants to be part of the team/family, he sees his job as working for social justice through educating kids and improving communities, he is a lifelong learner and wants to teach kids to be lifelong learners, wants to implement rigorous, culturally relevant curiculum that prepares kids for college and life.

      They are young (but not, I think, as young as they look) but have experience in difficult schools. They seem to have different strengths and complement each other. I am definitely going to keep a positive outlook on these guys unless given a reason not to. I think their enthusiasm, optimism, and desire to be at Claremont are great strengths that we did not have last year.

      Anyone else who was there, please feel free to correct or add anything. If anyone has questions, I'll answer them if I can.

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