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  • Chad Thompson
    Feb 2, 2012

      I haven’t figured out a way to get free tickets yet, but we can get group tickets for as low as $10 for certain games. We need a minimum of 20 people for group tickets. We could do this as a social night with kids, which eases the promotion/planning function. If someone was willing to take a more active role, we could try to do it as more of a community building event. I would suggest in that case we charge a little more for the tickets and use the excess to give free/reduced price tickets for students.


      Dates with lower rates which might work are:


      $10 high end zones, $12 high sides: Wednesday March 29, New Orleans


      $12/$16:  Wed, 3/7, Memphis; Fridays 3/16 Milwaukee, 3/30 New Jersey; Saturday 3/24 Sacramento; and 2 dates in April.


      We need to have final count and payment in two weeks before the game.


      What do we think?


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