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Ice climbing story in NY Times today

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  • Tom Cronin
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2008
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      Bill Becher <bb@...> wrote:

      My story and photo about climbing at Horsetail Falls ran today.
      Bill Becher
      writing and photography
      805 497 7193 or 805 444 5273 (c)
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      From: Tom Cronin [mailto:tombcronin@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 11:38 AM
      Subject: Lee Vining Trip Report - Feb. 16 - 18
      Thanks everyone for an enjoyable and safe weekend.  At work this morning a presentation was given to the effect that human nature is to think accidents always happen to other people.  I responded that if you do something like ice climbing long enough it will happen to you, but we proved we are safe climbers this weekend.
      In attendence were:
      Ray Regalado
      Craig Leventhal
      Pui Sparks
      Bill Becher
      Bill Cossaboom
      Agnes Sauvage
      Heiko Knapp
      Justin Munoz
      Munish Lal
      Chris Odonnell
      Eric Burt
      Jeff Dunbar
      Steve Aho
      Bill Stevens
      Rick Pape
      Jacob Sams
      Annie Binz
      Will Duonola
      For those of you who didn't go to June Lake on Sunday, we found Tatums fully in the sun so moved over to Horsetail falls, which was also in the sun and had seen recent a large scale collapse.  We then moved to the gully immediately to the right of Horsetail and established a mixed ice, snow, and rock route which took us all day.  Ray lead a v-thread practice session that Will put into action recovering all our gear.
      If anyone still owes me $15 I have no idea who you are, so you are safe, for the moment.
      Sincerely, Tom Cronin

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