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Re: CMC: board elections and mini-whinge

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  • Steve Powell
    Tom, I voted for you as a write-in candidate. Steve Ray Regalado wrote: Susan, You are not alone in your thinking. I have to agree with
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 17, 2007
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      Tom, I voted for you as a write-in candidate.

      Ray Regalado <rayclimbs@...> wrote:
      You are not alone in your thinking.  I have to agree with your comments 100%....they are very much appreciated.   Also, with Tom's OK, I'm voting for him as well....  since the meeting is in Orange County, most people here vote at the meetings.  Tom, if you're interested in being on the board, we can put in a word for you at the meeting.  I, for one, would love to have you on the board.
      To be honest with you, your thoughts regarding provisional and regular membership has been a topic of discussion for some time.  It has been brought up consistently by Tony Yeary, Steve Powell, and Jen Hopper.  The board has been absolutely slow to move on it.
      Also, I believe the only criteria to serve on the board is to be a regular member.  It can be challenging to find people who want to serve on the board...which is all understandable.  We volunteer, and some of us have absolutely packed schedules, families, etc.  But we welcome all the help we can get...there is plenty to be improved...  publicity-wise, trip-wise, communication amongst members, everything, etc... 

      Susan <susan@chateauchaos. com> wrote:
      Hi All-

      I got the magic ballot in the mail this last weekend. Usually I just
      toss the ballot in the bin and not vote because I'm too lazy to go buy
      stamps. It would be very nice to elect some club officers that are
      active members that attract competent climbers to the CMC and actually
      climb with the club. Am I alone in this thinking? We have criteria
      for club membership, a ridiculous division between provisional and
      regular members, but no criteria at all for eligibility to serve on
      the board.

      Tom Cronin - I'm going to write you in and encourage other people to
      as well. I think you're one of the role models we're looking for in
      CMC leadership.

      Is Ron Norton still collecting the trip signups? If so, I will
      contact him for info on who is showing up for the trips. We can also
      look on the club email archives to see who contributes to the club in
      other ways.


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