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Fw: Jimi Thornburg slide show/booksigning

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  • Isabelle Peyrichoux
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      Sent: Tue, November 30, 2010 3:23:27 PM
      Subject: Jimi Thornburg slide show/booksigning

      Hi all, Jimi will be at Marmot on weds, Dec 8th with a show of his trip to
      Greece several summers ago and will also have copies of his new book Stone
      mountains "America's Best Crags". We'll get going around 7:00 doors open
      6:30. Come join the tribe and get to see some fantastic photography.

      Join local climber and photographer Jim Thornburg for a slideshow and the
      launch of his new photography book "Stone Mountains - North America's Best
      Crags". The book ­ 320 pages and 10 years in the making ­ features stunning
      climbing photography from 35 of America's best climbing venues and is aimed
      at pumping you up for your next climbing vacation. 

      Here is a review from climbing magazine:

      > California-based photographer Jim Thornburg estimates he has spent 23,000
      > hours over the past 20 years capturing images of climbers, and his
      > extraordinary effort has produced a prodigious body of inspirational work. Now
      > Thornburg has selected the best of his uncounted images to produce "Stone
      > Mountains: North
      America¹s Best Crags" ($60, jimthornburg.com
      > <http://jimthornburg.com> ), a 320-page celebration of 35 crags spanning the
      > continent, from Squamish to the Gunks. Each area is introduced by a local
      > climber or frequent visitor and is illuminated by up to 24 pages of pure
      > inspiration. Don¹t expect a guidebook, Thornburg warns in his intro‹it¹s a
      > psyche book, pure and simple. And once you pore over these pages, I defy you
      > not to start dreaming of road trips: Chattanooga? Zion? Maple? El Portrero?
      > Gas up the car! 
      > ‹Dougald MacDonald, Editor In Chief, Climbing Magazine

      Tell your friends, bring a beer or so and kick back for the evening.


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