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Fw: Yosemite's Northern Territory August 8-14

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  • Steve Thaw
    ... From: Steve Thaw Subject: Yosemite s Northern Territory August 8-14 To: Steven Randall Thaw Date: Sunday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2009
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      --- On Sun, 7/26/09, Steve Thaw <steven_thaw@...> wrote:

      From: Steve Thaw <steven_thaw@...>
      Subject: Yosemite's Northern Territory August 8-14
      To: "Steven Randall Thaw" <steven_thaw@...>
      Date: Sunday, July 26, 2009, 11:45 AM

      Hi All,
      Yosemite's Northern Territory Saturday August 8th to Friday August 14th or Saturday August 15th.
      Join Alain Urrity and me for all or part of this trail/cross country ramble with layover days in the Peeler Lake/Thompson Canyon/Rock Island Lake environs.
      Optional climbs of Crown, Center, Acker, Wells, Hawksbeak, Ehrnbeck,
      Suicide Ridge, Bath, and others.
      Saturday, we drive to Twin Lakes near Bridgeport and backpack up Robinson Creek to Peeler Lake.7.5 miles.
      Sunday move camp to Thompson Canyon with optional climb of Acker Peak.
      Monday Layover day.
      Tuesday we move camp to another location.
      Wednesday and Thursday are layover days.
      Friday or Saturday, we pack out to the cars.  
      This itinerary is flexible!
      Bear Canister required.
      Individual commisary.
      If interested in all or part please contact/email Alain Urrity sierraselect14@... (S.F. 415-668-9351)  or me steven_thaw@... (Moraga 925-376-3380)

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