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Tracking Book Launch!

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  • jlklafin
    Adventurous, mountainous and SAR people- Wanted to pass along a tracking book that s launching soon! I m sure Rob s content is as outstanding as his logo is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2009
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      Adventurous, mountainous and SAR people-

      Wanted to pass along a tracking book that's launching soon! I'm sure Rob's content is as outstanding as his logo is cool. :)

      Cheers, Jen



      I am equally proud and humbled, excited and reticent, but happy and happy, to announce the release of my new book Foundations for Awareness, Signcutting and Tracking.  This is a project that has spanned years from inspiration to completion.  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not an oncoming train.  The book should be coming through around February 23rd.  That is the date I expect to be able to start filling orders for the book. 

      Long and short of it, more information is on my website www.trackingschool.com


      coverfront.jpgBut here's a little summary:

      Are you interested in tracking skills?  If you have spent any time outside, you have come across tracks or sign left by animals and people.  If you have ever wondered how to interpret, and even follow, human tracks or sign, this book is for you.  This book imparts knowledge necessary to answer the questions "What happened here?" and "Who made that track?".  This is an essential book for encouraging and developing your awareness of the outdoors.  It is a great aid for property owners, hunters, naturalists, search and rescue (SAR) teams, SAR managers, military instructors and law enforcement agencies.  This perfect bound, softcover, full size (8 ½ x 11), 260 page book contains 110+ illustrations (some color), a glossary, index and bibliography.  It was written to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management Search and Rescue entry level tracking course standards.  Through explanations, illustrations and many pictures from actual searches for missing persons, this book describes methods and techniques used by tracking personnel to do the following:

      ü  Become familiar with the terminology of tracking

      ü  Dispel misconceptions about tracking

      ü  Select and use tools of the tracking trade

      ü  Record and document tracking information

      ü  Manage light and shadow to your advantage

      ü  Learn about improving your awareness

      ü  Find, follow and interpret tracks and sign

      ü  Receive information about footwear as it relates to tracking

      ü  Learn how to age sign

      ü  Understand what to look for as sign of passage on various ground covers

      ü  Get an introduction to animal tracking

      Search and rescue (SAR) tracking practitioner and instructor Rob Speiden has drawn from decades of experience including the Field Team Signcutter course developed by Greg Fuller to create this invaluable resource.  Rob has been an active member of the SAR community since 1993.  Rob has trained with many tracking experts around the country and participated in over 100 missing person search missions.  As the Virginia Department of Emergency Management Field Team Signcutter (FTS) course coordinator, and through his Natural Awareness Tracking School, he currently instructs SAR volunteers and law enforcement officers in tracking and awareness skills that enhance search efforts for missing persons.  Rob has written a textbook for the FTS course and is interested in sharing it with you.  For more information and how to order the book please visit his website at www.trackingschool.com.

      Robert Speiden


      Natural Awareness Tracking School, LLC

      657 Coal Hollow Road

      Christiansburg, Virginia 24073

      toll free (866) 678-7225

      (h) (540) 552-2596

      (c) (540) 357-0593


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