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1651Re: [rock-rendezvous] bear canisters

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  • Linda Sun
    Jan 24, 2013
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      The newer version of the ursack has an aluminum liner, and odor barrier plastic bags, and is reapproved by Inyo.  But it adds a lot of weight and bulky.

      Personally I use bearikade if bear is the question.  I've successfully tested my ursack against marmot, when others' food bags got torn, in areas where bear canisters are not required.


      On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 11:47 AM, Steve Thaw <steven_thaw@...> wrote:

      I had an Ursack several years ago.
      Tied it to an eight inch diameter Lodge Pole Pine near Yosemite's Echo Creek/Tuolumne Pass.
      A Black Bear ripped and punctured the Ursack bag to shreds.
      It took two months to get my refund money back.
      The Rangers wanted to hang it in the Tuolumne Meadows Ranger Station for public viewing.
      Your choice.
      Good Luck.
      Steve Thaw
      Moraga, Caifornia

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          For those of you who have backpacked with plastic bear-proof food canisters and cursed the weight (and found you couldn't get all your stuff in one anyway), I urge you to consider the Ursack if you haven't already.  It's a light weight food bag made from bullet proof fabric and has been approved for use in by some federal forests (but not Yosemite--yet).   For more info, go to:  http://www.ursack.com/

          For climbers, there's also the Ursack Minor, a rodent-proof bag you can put your food in at the base of the crag and look forward to finding intact it when you get back down--without the hole in your daypack and the wrappers strewn all over the ground. 

          OH, and Tom Cohen, who invented and developed the Ursack is a family friend and gave me a break when I got mine!  You should be so lucky.



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