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Fwd: [NPCAAdvocacy] NPCA President on DC Radio Thursday, other updates

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  • Debbie Anderson
    Jonathan Pearson wrote:From: Jonathan Pearson To: Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 17:06:14 -0400
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      Jonathan Pearson <jonathan@...> wrote:
      From: "Jonathan Pearson" <jonathan@...>
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      Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 17:06:14 -0400
      Subject: [NPCAAdvocacy] NPCA President on DC Radio Thursday, other updates


      For more information on NPCA Advocacy, visit the Advocacy Network webpage at http://www.rpcv.org/advocacy.

      Hi Everyone: Just a quick update from the NPCA Advocacy Program

      KEVIN QUIGLEY ON DC RADIO THURSDAY: For those of you in the DC Area, NPCA
      President Kevin Quigley will be a guest Thursday, August 25th at noon on the
      Kojo Nnamdi show on WAMU radio (88.5 FM). Peace Corps, including the
      military recruitment issue will be part of the hour-long discussion, which
      will also feature former directors Carol Bellamy and Mark Schneider. Here
      is a link for more information.


      WE ARE BACK! Jonathan Pearson has just returned from vacation, which
      included some visits with RPCVs in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
      It was great to meet folks. Special thanks to the Big Apple, Albany,
      Rochester and Long Island groups for hospitality at their group gatherings.

      Similarly, Campaign Coordinator Jayne Thomisee has just returned from a week
      of visits with RPCVs across California to introduce members to our trade
      campaign with Oxfam America. Special thanks to the NorCal, Sacramento,
      Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Orange County groups for their hospitality.

      UPDATES SOON: We will be updating our advocacy pages over the next few
      weeks, including further information on the military recruitment issue. Stay
      tuned for further updates. In the meantime:

      -As part of the trade campaign with Oxfam, a speakers tour with west African
      cotton farmers is planned for mid-September (Sept. 10 - 16) in California
      and Illinois. Contact Jayne at mailto:campaign@... for more details on
      the tour or other aspects of the NPCA/Oxfam collaboration.

      --A September 25/26 conference is scheduled in DC for RPCVs interested in
      the issues of climate change and clean energy. For more information,
      contact Jonathan at mailto:advocacy@...

      Best Wishes to you all!

      Jonathan Pearson
      Advocacy Coordinator
      National Peace Corps Association
      1900 L Street NW,  Suite 205
      Washington, DC 20036
      202-293-7728, ext. 21
      fax: 202-293-7554

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