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Summary of January dinner

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  • ombili9
    On Jan. 19, 2005 about 25-30 CIRPCA members & friends met at El Sol in downtown Indianapolis. Elisabeth welcomed everyone and asked the PC Nominees to
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      On Jan. 19, 2005 about 25-30 CIRPCA members & friends met at El Sol
      in downtown Indianapolis.

      Elisabeth welcomed everyone and asked the PC Nominees to introduce
      themselves: Nancy, Amy and Zach have all been nominated to leave
      this year to Azerbaijan and Dominican Republic; visitors Ericka and
      Brent are interested in joining PC. The most recently returned
      volunteer was John from Vanuatu, who had returned just 10 days prior.

      CIRPCA members who shared their PC experiences in the "Volunteer
      Spotlight" were Wayne Prophet who served in St. Vincent, 68 - 70,
      Dave Siemantel who served in Swaziland 86-89, as well as Sara Pugh
      who served in Lesotho 01-03.

      Names were collected for those who are members of NPCA. If anyone is
      a member and has not told a board member, then please email
      elisabeth274@... and let her know as soon as possible –

      Rich updated everyone on the status of the bank account. Basically,
      we are waiting to get an incorporation letter from the state that
      will officially grant us association. He also sold the RPCV Madison
      calendars; there are some calendars remaining, so let Rich know if
      you would like to purchase any.

      Colleen encouraged RPCV's to participate in World Wise Schools and
      speak to a classroom. Peace Corps Week is the first week in March.
      If you are interested in participating, go to
      http://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=resources.former.pcweek to
      register to participate and get materials sent to you. Please
      contact her if you need assistance in locating a school to speak at

      Debbie updated everyone on the following outreach activities:

      ¨ Ball State send off on Jan. 25 05. Rich, Elisabeth, and
      Debbie attended this event. There were 5 nominees and a large group
      of RPCV's who enjoyed sharing their PC stories…

      ¨ Feb. 9 & March 3 - Chicago Recruitment assistance. Contact
      Greg (address under member section of the webgroup) or Debbie for
      more information.

      ¨ April 10, 05, 2 p.m. at Veterans Memorial Plaza: Homeward
      Bound Walk for homeless. Please join our team in walking 5K and
      raising $$. Go to http://www.homelesswalksorg, click "register
      here", then click "I agree", then click "Join a team", then
      select "Central Indiana Returned Peace Corps Association" from the
      scroll bar, then click continue, then fill in the information and
      raise $$ for CIRPCA's $5000 goal.

      ¨ April 24, 05, 2p.m.: CIRPCA attends an Indians game. Please
      email Debbie at ombili9@... if you plan on attending. Let her
      know the amount of tickets you would like.

      ¨ TSUNAMI relief aid: So, we intended to gather $$ to donate
      but unfortunately Debbie forgot to address the issue (sorry so many
      things going on). So, CIRPCA encourages you to donate to a charity
      (some are listed under the posting # 40). If you would like to
      donate through CIRPCA, please email Debbie for more details.

      ¨ Spring 05: Habitat Build

      ¨ June 05 : Anderson International Festival

      UPDATE: There are currently 43 members of the CIRPCA Yahoo group.

      Next dinner is Wednesday, April 20th, location TBA - Put it on your

      Kalapo nawa! (Stay well) Debbie
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