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Relief Aid Donations

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  • ombili9
    We all currently mourn for the tragedy that has hit the world with the recent natural disaster. During our next meeting CIRPCA will be collecting money to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2005
      We all currently mourn for the tragedy that has hit the world with
      the recent natural disaster. During our next meeting CIRPCA will be
      collecting money to donate to an agency that would provide efficient
      and effective services to those struggling.
      Board members will chose amongst several agencies to donate money
      and more information will be shared at the meeting on January 19th.
      Below are some of the agencies being considered.

      American Red Cross
      (Dec 28, 04)
      American Red Cross is supporting the affected Red Cross and Red
      Crescent national societies in Asia. American Red Cross has pre-
      positioned relief supplies, including family tents, blankets,
      plastic tarps, family hygiene parcels, and family kitchen sets to be
      mobilized to the affected area.

      The American Red Cross Relief Emergency Response Unit, which
      includes trained personnel and supplies, is on standby for possible
      deployment to the affected region. Three American Red Cross field
      delegates are assisting Red Cross societies in the affected
      communities with their relief operations (two in India and one in
      Sri Lanka). Additional American Red Cross International Response
      Team (IRT) members are on standby and are ready to deploy, as
      needed. More information is available at:

      (Dec 28, 04)
      CARE has had operations in the affected countries of India,
      Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar for years and were on the spot
      when the earthquake and deadly tsunami struck. CARE staff are
      already distributing food, clean water, shelter, clothing, soap and
      other hygiene products and basic medicines. Pending greater
      information from the assessments currently underway, CARE foresees
      that clean water, malaria kits, and sanitation will be some of the
      most pressing issues to overcome over the coming days. More
      information is available at:

      Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI)
      (Dec 30, 04)
      Habitat for Humanity International has operations in all the
      countries hardest hit by the tsunami. We are working with local
      Habitat affiliates and partner organizatons to assess the needs of
      those affected. The immediate response includes provision of
      temporary and transitional shelter leading to permanent, safe, and
      affordable housing. The majority of Habitat for Humanity's work is
      currently targeted in Sri Lanka, one of the countries hardest hit by
      the disaster. More information is available at:

      U.S. Fund for UNICEF
      (Dec 30, 04)
      UNICEF's immediate priority is the health, well being, and
      protection of children and will work with recovery and
      rehabilitation in the long-term. UNICEF is now shipping relief
      items, pre-positioning supplies, and distributing materials to
      affected communities and relief camps. UNICEF is also conducting
      rapid and thorough assessments of the situation and needs of
      children in each affected country by working with governments and
      other organizations. http://www.unicef.org/index.html

      Direct Relief International
      (Dec 30, 04)
      Direct Relief is responding to the tsunami-affected areas in India,
      Sri Lanka, and Indonesia by providing material assistance focused on
      acute and intermediate medical needs including medicines,
      nutritional products, first aid and surgical supplies, and basic
      diagnostic equipment. A donation consisting of 3,700 lbs. of medical
      goods was sent by air cargo to one of Direct Relief's long-term
      partners located in Tamil Nadu, India, and medical boxes of
      pharmaceuticals and supplies were provided to two teams of ER
      physicians to hand-carry to Sri Lanka. Additional donations are
      currently being prepared for both public and non-governmental
      organizations located throughout the region. Please contact
      arandopoulos@... about medical gifts in kind. More
      information is available at:
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