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Updates: NPCA members?, board terms & positions, calendars, database

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  • Debbie
    Dear CIRPCA Members.....The following e-mail has several topics, so please be sure to read completely to the end. ** NPCA members - are you a member of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2004
      Dear CIRPCA Members.....The following e-mail has several topics, so
      please be sure to read completely to the end.

      ** NPCA members - are you a member of the NPCA??
      ** Board terms & positions
      ** Fundraising - Calendars
      ** Database on the CIRPCA web group

      NPCA members: We have the following individuals as current members
      of the NPCA. Debra Anderson, John Mayer, Elisabeth Hinshaw-Osgood,
      Richard Sitler, Henry Nykaza.
      In order to become an NPCA affliate group, we need a minimum of 10
      NPCA members. With the application to affiliate, we need to submit
      the contact information of 10 NPCA members [delete to submit. For
      those of you who are members please send an email to
      ombili9@... with your contact information (name, address,
      phone, email, country of service, years).

      Board terms & positions: The following elected members have
      designated positions & terms as follows:
      Debbie Anderson Membership & Outreach 2 year term
      Michael Cupp Editor 2 year term
      Elisabeth Hinshaw-Osgood Group Leader 2 year term
      Sara Pugh At-Large 1 year term
      Richard Sitler Treasurer 1 year term
      Colleen Turner Education & Social 1 year term

      Fundraising - Calendars: It is the time of year to replace your wall
      calendars. Why not get an International Calendar by the Returned
      Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin, Madison? This year's calendar
      is a new design and is titled "Harmony in Play". If you were to
      order a single calendar from Madison it would cost you $10. CIRPCA
      is selling the calendars for $6.00 each (Rich's estimation is that
      we will make $0.50/each if we sell 50 and $1.00/each if we sell
      100). Besides passing the bulk savings on to you,[add a comma here]
      any proceeds after shipping and handling will go to CIRPCA Peace
      Corps week activities, such as Peace Corps related items to give to
      the students to whom we talk, to purchase items to share in the
      school presentations, etc. Your ideas are welcome for this!
      A picture of the cover of this beautiful calendar that makes a
      perfect Christmas, Channukah, Kwanza or birthday gift is located
      under the picture section of this site. Buy several! Please e-mail
      your orders to Rich Sitler rsitler@...
      with "International Calendar" in the subject line. In the e-mail
      indicate the number of calendars, your address and a phone number in
      case I have any questions. Payment will be taken by check once you
      receive your calendars.
      The International Calendar project seeks to share Peace Corps
      experiences with our home communities and to raise money for
      grassroots projects in the countries where we served or in which we
      live. The images of the Calendar will introduce you to the people
      who welcomed us so warmly into their communities.

      Database on the CIRPCA web group: On the webgroup is a database,
      pictures, and polls section. Feel free to add your information to
      the database, upload pictures, and participate in the poll
      (currently the poll is about whether you are a member of the NPCA).
      Follow these easy directions to add your information: on the left of
      the home page click on "Database" then click on "Contact List", then
      click on "Add Record" at the top then enter your personal
      information. T his will help us all so that we can all learn more
      about each other.
      We are looking forward to seeing everyone on January 19th...look for
      your postcard in the mail with the restaurant information!!
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