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  • Nicolette Mendenhall
    Hi all, I had a strong feeling that there are several people on this listserve that would appreciate a website I just learned about that reviews ethnic
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10 7:11 PM
      Hi all,
      I had a strong feeling that there are several people on this listserve that would appreciate a website I just learned about that reviews ethnic restaurants in Indy.
      I just had a wonder evening attending Chew on This which was put on by the Indiana Humanities Council.  At 10 different locations across the City, groups of people met to have an ethnic dinner, most of whom did not know one another before the event started.  I tried a new restaurant named Passage to India which is apparently the only all-vegetarian sit down restaurant in Indiana.  I thought it was wonderful, as was my first Indian beer.  At the event, I also learned a little bit more about the new project going on at the Lafayette Square area which will hopefully bring a lot of attention to the numerous, numerous ethnic restaurants out there.  I've been meaning to go to a restaurant out there that I heard serves dim sum. 
      But the goal of this email was to send you information about a new website I learned of while at the dinner: indyethnicfood.com.  The website was started about 8 years ago by a man who wanted to ensure that information about local ethnic restaurants was made public, in the hopes that it would help them have more lasting power.  He had grown tired of his favorite restaurants closing down within only a few months.
      It's a website that requires you to register to get access but the registration is free.  You can search for ethnic restaurants in the city by type or by zip code; you can also look at reviews of the restaurants.  I haven't spent very much time on the website, but it sounds much more comprehensive than anything I've come across so far. 
      I hope the information helps and you find some new restaurants to try that are off the beaten path.  I also hope you can go to Chew on This next year!
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